Loot Anime’s nineteenth episode, Rise Up, has arrived with merchandise from Knights of Sidonia, Blame!, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Evangelion, and Gurren Lagann.

While I have not watched Blame!, I’m a huge fan of this exclusive Rock Me Apparel t-shirt. The color contrast between the army fatigue green, the blood red lettering, the distressed white target, and Killy in black from head to toe, combines to have a dynamic effect. And more importantly now that the days are crawling through what looks like will be a scorching summer, it’s a great summer shirt, not only snug, but light and breathable.

The exclusive Voltron: Legendary Defender enamel pin is a sizable ornament with a double pinback to support its weight. It’s an extremely nice, high quality pin, with not only a wide palette of colors, but also the novelty of a movable face mask, so that you can wear this pin two different ways.

Gurren Lagann: Art Works, reissued by Udon Entertainment in a Loot Crate limited edition, contains 150 pages of art from DVD covers, magazines, posters, and promotional material. This 2009 book had been out of print until this Loot Crate variant.

Next up is the first Sanrio inclusion in Loot Anime since Gudetama’s cameo in Delicious: one of two exclusive Evangelion micro macro mini-plushes, either Kei or Asuka (pictured). Asuka’s an intelligently designed plush, as while her head and hair are soft enough to please anyone’s appetite for the cute, her beanie-styled torso is stiff enough so that you can stand her upright.

The exclusive Knights of Sidonia cell phone stand is easily assembled. The best thing about this piece is the three dimensional art style, which, as you can see from the above pic, even translates into digital photography of it.

Rise Up’s exclusive charm is a Kitty Mecha, designed by Hans Tseng, and the Kitty Mech theme also carries over to this month’s poster art by Wil Overton of Advocate Art.  We did not receive the Kitty Mecha charm, but I included the image from the poster art in the gallery above.

While Rise Up is no longer available–unless a few show up in Loot Vault–until July 27th, you can order Action Comedy, which includes goodies from One-Punch Man, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, Konosuba!, High School DxD, and FLCL.


Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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