Loot Anime Episode 14, “Galaxy,” has docked with a cargo haul from the worlds of Cowboy Bebop, Robotech, Space Patrol Luloco, and Sailor Moon, and even Loot Anime mascot Yume has a first contact on alien soil.

The Galaxy crate traveled in stealth mode, with its normal black and orange branding, but it concealed a fold-out cardboard craft that transforms into a starship:

If you’re lucky enough to receive “Galaxy” before Christmas, a mech will brighten your holiday display: this exclusive Robotech LED Lamp made by Bensussen Deutsch & Associates.

Not only was this my favorite item this month, but everyone in my family was fascinated with it as well. Instead of pictures, I’ve uploaded a short video of this item so that you can see the lamp’s color changing action.

The Robotech lamp is powered through USB, so you can either tether it to your computer or use a socket adapter to plug it in to the wall; a power bank will give your mech even more mobility, as you’ll be able to perch it anywhere, without a nearby USB port or wall outlet.

A tabletop gamer like myself will see this exclusive Space Patrol Luluco Aflutter Jewel Replica Keychain, made by A Crowded Coop, as two separate items, as its drawstring packaging can be re-purposed as a Space Patrol Luluco dice bag. Fans of this anime will no doubt be very happy to have more merch, considering the show only debuted this year in Japan and on Crunchyroll.

Riding on top of the cargo was this outstanding Cowboy Bebop Ein Plush made by Quantum Mechanix. He’s a captivating soft toy that, faithfully captured from the anime by the toy designers, would also be considered a pretty accurate Pembroke Welsh Corgi plush by those that don’t know the anime but do know dogs, as the anime did an excellent job translating the character’s dogginess to the screen, putting little slivers of reality in the unreal, as it were. Here, instead of the classical “art imitates life” or the 19th century inversion “life imitates art,” we have the postmodern “toy imitating anime imitating life. ” This postmodern toy will fit nicely on our plush shelf next to Nausicaa’s Teto, the cat-bus, and Astro Boy.

The exclusive Sailor Moon “Moon Stick” Bottle Opener will uncap your beer faster than you can say “Moon Prism Power Make Up,” and you can use it without fear of chipping the paint, as the tool end has has a 1/8″ gap between the paint and the edge. I wouldn’t toss this kitchen magic into a utensil drawer, though; better to hang it on a peg or a nail.

Artist Finni Chang designed this month’s “Galaxy” themed poster and charm, both of which depict Yume in the same spacesuit. Chang knows how to stage a scene, so that I’d very much like to see where this shot of Yume, talking to the mushroom-fairies of Planet Toadstool, goes next.

Like last month’s “Blade” crate, “Galaxy” was a well-curated collection with lots of sizzle and spark, and it is still available until December 27th through this hyperlink. 

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