Kodansha has released a digital collection of Tsutomu Nihei’s science fiction manga to Humble Bundle, and contributors at any level $1 and over also get one month of free Crunchyroll.

The main draw for fans of science fiction manga, like Nihei’s Knights of Sedonia, though is the manga, which is said to contain a complete catalog of Nihei’s work, as well as work never seen before this digital release.  The manga are available in PDF, CBZ, and ePUB formats suitable for reading on computer, iPads, ereaders, and cell phones.

“This is an unprecedented deep-dive opportunity into the work of the foremost science-fiction manga artist of his generation, Tsutomu Nihei,” said Alvin Lu, General Manager of Kodansha Advanced Media.

Contributors can also decide how much of their purchase price goes to Kodansha; if buyers are feeling charitable, they can earmark as much of the price as they’d like between three charities:  Comic Book Legal Defense Fund; Worldreader; and, Mental Health Foundation.  Kodansha has also added the Paypal Giving Fund, so buyers can choose a charity from there if they prefer.

Top contributors, at a level of $17 or more, will get an $185 value in digital manga, including Knights of Sedonia, Blame!, and NOiSE,  However, you can unlock NOiSE simply by subscribing to the newsletter.  There are four contributor levels in all, including:

FREE with newsletter sign up
Unlock NOiSE, a prequel to BLAME!

Pay $1 or more
Unlock all of the above + BLAME! volume 1 + a 1-month subscription to Crunchyroll

Pay $8 or more
Unlock all of the above + BLAME! volume 2 + the never-before-published-in-English BLAME! Academy and So On, a spinoff of BLAME!

Pay $17 or more
Unlock all of the above + the Knights of Sidonia Complete Set (volumes 1-15)

Additional rewards, with yet-unseen materials, will be unlocked at $50K, $75K, and $100K:

A prologue chapter from Nihei’s next manga series. Unlock at $50K.

Tsutomu Nihei Creator Profile video
Unlock at $75K.

Science Fiction Manga by Nihei: Collected Works
Art booklet. Unlock at $100K.

You can purchase the Tsutomu Nihei Humble Bundle through this link.

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