Next, you’re going to say that you’d like this review of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 Blu-Ray to proceed in an orderly fashion, with an introduction, a persuasive argument about whether you should add it to your collection, and a mundane conclusion. That’s unlikely, given how much I like Battle Tendencies’ Joseph Joestar, and couldn’t wait to begin every paragraph with “next, you’re going to say” or “your next line is.”

Next, you’re going to say that I’m preaching to the choir, that you already have watched this series twice through before pre-ordering through Right Stuf, that you’ve named your dog Jonathan and your cat JoJo, and nicknamed all your friends and frienemies after JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s hard rock monikers. When you hear “Roundabout,” or “Walk Like an Egyptian.” on the radio, you scream “JoJo!”

Your next line, if you’ve never watched JoJo, is “you mean there’s an adult animated multi-generational fantasy with its heroes and villains named after seventies heavy metal and hard rock idols, with the classic Yes song paired with vampiric symbolism in its outro, and I haven’t watched it?” Yep, even if you’ve snoozed for 2000 years, that’s no excuse to miss this dazzling anime that perfectly mirrors a masterwork manga with the soul of a rock opera.

Next you’re going to ask something about the heroic line of Joestars and their generational narrative, in which through the power of Hamon they defeat the supernatural beings that threaten the march of history. In Phantom Blood, Jonathan Joestar combats Dio Brando, once his adoptive brother but now an undying bloodsucker that wants to rule over the undead he creates. Battle Tendencies tells the story of Jonathan’s grandson, Joseph, who must battle an ancient evil unearthed by the Nazis.

Your next line is “tell me about special features.” The bonus features of this limited edition are mainly material, including not only nine double-sided art cards featuring character imagery from the titles and credits, but also a small paperback called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Key Animation Collection: Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency. Though the title is perfectly self-explanatory, it doesn’t prepare you for the wealth of exquisite storyboards paired with thoughtful director commentary. The four discs are also art objects, each depiciting one of four key characters, and the box is a magnificent piece of packaging that will sit well next to your JoJo manga. As to the content on the discs, they are a little light in video special features, having only trailers, clean intro and outro, and an art gallery, but that’s OK given the wonderful quality of the Blu-Ray. The flawless high definition transfer has even more beautiful colors than the streaming release. Moreover, it has not only faithfully rendered subtitles, but the perfectly localized dub, full of wonderfully over-the-top voice actors, that we fell in love with while watching through Toonami.

Next, you’re going to say, “hold my beer,” so you can run to Best Buy for this amazing anime, so that you can be among the select crowd of Hamon users and Home Media collectors to enjoy this amazing limited edition Blu-Ray release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 Blu-Ray arrived on shelves August 8th, 2017, but if you find this limited edition sold out, you can order it through this link to Viz.

Bizarre Adventure Season 1 Blu-Ray

Next you’re going to say that Viz Media sent the review copy.

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