Hawkins, Ning and Robertson team up on Dante

Top Cow COO Matt Hawkins and co-writer Jason Ning are partnering up with superstar artist Darick Robertson to present Dante, a supernatural one-shot from Image Comics coming in January.

Dante leads a dual life: devoted family man on one hand, assassin for global crime syndicate on the other. He spent 20 years keeping his lives separate, but things didn’t go according to plan. Dante finds himself betrayed after thinking he was allowed to retire with the syndicate’s blessing, and while fighting to save himself, he accidentally kills a young boy.

The killing changes Dante in impossible ways, and now he must embark on an incredible journey to save his family…and himself.

“When Cryptozoic and Strange Turn asked if I’d be interested in working on a book with Darick Robertson, I had to pinch myself at first to see if I was dreaming it,” said Hawkins. “Darick is one of those artists that writers dream of collaborating with, and working with him was one of my most fulfilling experiences in comics thus far!”

“Working with Matt, Jason, and the whole Cryptozoic team was an excellent experience,” said Robertson. “The script is moody and gritty, which fit nicely into my artistic wheelhouse. The colors are by the ever incredible Diego Rodriguez, and I believe this is some of our best work to date.”

Dante will be in stores January 25, 2017.


Take a trip to God Country

A widower suffering from dementia. A powerful tornado. An enchanted sword. These three elements are at the centre of the perfect storm known as God Country, a new series from writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw, set to debut in January 2017.

Emmett Quinlan is more than just a handful for his children; his violent outbuts are even more than the police can handle. When a tornado levels Emmett’s home and the surrounding town in West Texas, a restored Emmett rises from the ashes with the aforementioned enchanted sword in hand. Emmett was transformed by the tornado, and has emerged with a sound mind and body. He’s also the only one who can face the creatures drawn to Texas by the sword he now wields.

“This is a story Geoff and I have been wanting to tell for such a long time, and to be able to do it with Image is beyond a dream come true,” said Cates. “God Country is full of heart, action, giant swords, Kirby Gods, Texans, magic tornados, and family drama…so it’s really just everything I love piled into one great, epic yarn. This January everyone is welcome to come on in, grab a beer, have a seat and get ready… we have a hell of a story to tell you.”

Shaw added: “I love this book! Of course, I would say that, but I really do. I love that Donny and I get to work together again, and I love that we get to publish through Image. It’s a story I’ve never heard before, both down to earth and out of this world. The whole team is on their A-Game and I cannot wait to share it with the world, Texas style!”

Issue one of God Country is scheduled for a January 11, 2017 release.


Soule and Browne teach us Curse Words

A wizard arrives in New York City, claiming he’s here to protect the planet. That’s the crux of Curse Words, a new series debuting in January from the team of Charles Soule and Ryan Browne.

The world becomes enamoured with Wizord, and how could they not? Nobody’s seen a wizard before. However, Wizord is hiding a dark secret: he’s actually running from his past, a past so dark that its inevitable arrival spells disaster for Earth.
“Ryan Browne and I wanted to create a series where literally anything could happen, and giving the story a magical framework lets us do that,” said Soule. “Curse Words constantly surprises me with what happens next, and I’m writing the thing. Ultimately, it’s the story of a man trying to be good in a world that wants him to be bad—but it’s also got a talking koala. That’s Curse Words. Deep, wrenching, relatable character beats mixed with some of the most wonderful, strangest things you’ve ever seen in a comic. Even better, it’s all drawn by the Incredible Ryan Browne—so you know it’s pretty.”

Browne added: “Thank goodness for Charles’ words. I would buy Him writing the phone book. I draw. But His words! So good.”

Lord of the Rings meets Breaking Bad in this series that’s set to debut January 18, 2017.


Eisner-winner The Fade Out get deluxe hardcover edition

The Eisner Award winner for Best Limited Series, The Fade Out, is now available in a deluxe hardcover edition. The volume contains the full series and bonus content.

The Fade Out is an epic noir set in the world of noir, taking place in backlots and bars of Hollywood at the end of the Golden Era. A movie stuck in an endless loop of reshoots, coupled with a writer seeking solace in a bottle and a dead movie star and her replacement. The only truth in this version of Hollywood are lies.

Burbaker’s own ties to Hollywood are extensive. Currently, he serves as a writer and Supervising Producer on the hit HBO show Westworld, and he’s been tapped to pen the Maniac Cop remake. He has familial ties as well: he’s the nephew of Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Paxton. Paxton was best known for Murder, My Sweet, Cornered and Crossfire and two of his colosest friends, Adrian Scott and Edward Dmytryk, were among the Hollywood Ten, the first group of blacklisted writers in Tinseltown.

The Fade Out hardcover collection is available now.


Throwaways collected edition arrives in December

The first four issues of Throwaways, the Caitlin Kittredge-penned spy-thriller drawn by Steven Sanders, will be collected in one volume in December.

Abby Palmer and Dean Logan are victims of a brutal government mind control experiment…and they’re also the only two survivors.When the program finds them again, the pair is each other’s best chance for survival. Dean and Abby were gifted with abilities beyond a normal human’s imagination, and they’re determined to use those abilities to destroy the program and bring down its creator permanently.

Throwaways volume one ships December 27.



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