This week, Image Comics releases the first issue of Ales Kot and Will Tempest’s Material #1, as well as The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Presents Elephantmen: Shots #1, in which a number of hard-to-find Elephantmen strips by a variety of great comic artists are collected.  Image Comics has also released previews of Deadly Class, Invisible Republic, Pisces, Wayward, and Postal.

Offical Image Comics previews:

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Presents Elephantmen: Shots #1

  • Story By: Richard Starkings
  • Art By: Dougie Braithwaite
  • Art By: Ian Churchill
  • Art By: Boo Cook
  • Art By: Shaky Kane
  • Art By: Moritat
  • Art By: Tim Sale
  • Art By: Dave Sim
  • Cover By: J Scott Campbell
  • Variant Cover By: Tim Sale
  • Variant Cover By: Boo Cook

Price: $5.99

Led by TIM SALE’S 9 page WHEN THE NIGHT COMES story, this special collects all the ELEPHANTMEN strips from HERO COMICS, LIBERTY COMICS and THE THOUGHT BUBBLE ANTHOLOGY. Features the hard to find JUDGE DREDD, STRONTIUM DOG and MARINE MAN crossovers and beautiful covers by J SCOTT CAMPBELL and TIM SALE! All proceeds go to the CBLDF!

Elephantmen_cbldf_Preview_Page Elephantmen_cbldf_Preview_Page2 Elephantmen_cbldf_Preview_Page3

Deadly Class 13

  • Story By: Rick Remender
  • Art By: Wes Craig
  • Cover By: Wes Craig

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

It’s back to school for Marcus after barely surviving a cartel kill-squad. But he’s about to discover that even hardened teenage assassins aren’t immune to the ravages of broken hearts and breakup notes.

DeadlyClass13_Preview_Page DeadlyClass13_Preview_Page2 DeadlyClass13_Preview_Page3 DeadlyClass13_Preview_Page4 DeadlyClass13_Preview_Page5 DeadlyClass13_Preview_Page6
Invisible Republic 3

  • Story By: Gabriel Hardman
  • Story By: Corinna Bechko
  • Art By: Gabriel Hardman
  • Cover By: Gabriel Hardman

Price: $2.99

Arthur McBride discovers Maia’s secret…and her act of compassion could get them both killed.

InvisibleRepublic03_Preview_Page InvisibleRepublic03_Preview_Page2 InvisibleRepublic03_Preview_Page3 InvisibleRepublic03_Preview_Page4 InvisibleRepublic03_Preview_Page5 InvisibleRepublic03_Preview_Page6
Material 1

  • Story By: Ales Kot
  • Art By: Will Tempest
  • Cover By: Tom Muller

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

A man comes home from Guantanamo Bay, irrevocably changed. An actress receives an offer that can revive her career. A boy survives a riot and becomes embedded within a revolutionary movement. A philosopher is contacted by a being that dismantles his beliefs. Look around you. Everything is material.

Material01_Preview_Page Material01_Preview_Page2 Material01_Preview_Page3 Material01_Preview_Page4 Material01_Preview_Page5 Material01_Preview_Page6
Pisces 2

  • Story By: Kurtis J. Wiebe
  • Art By: Johnnie Christmas
  • Cover By: Johnnie Christmas

Price: $3.99

With the Vietnam War a few years gone, Dillon finds difficulty adjusting to civilian life. His hope dwindles while living with an abusive father and working a night shift at a local office, but the creeping dread rises when the dark begins to speak in the voice of friend long dead.

Pisces02_Preview_Page Pisces02_Preview_Page2 Pisces02_Preview_Page3
Postal 4

  • Story By: Bryan Hill
  • Story By: Matt Hawkins
  • Art By: Isaac Goodhart
  • Cover By: Linda Sejic
  • Variant Cover By: Isaac Goodhart

Price: $3.99

Mark, having barely survived capture, suffers emotional and physical scars. With the mayor and the sheriff afraid to confront the threats to the town, Mark chooses to confront the town’s enemies on his own, but the price of vengeance may change him and the town forever.

Postal04_Preview_Page Postal04_Preview_Page2 Postal04_Preview_Page3 Postal04_Preview_Page4 Postal04_Preview_Page5 Postal04_Preview_Page6

Wayward 8

  • Story By: Jim Zub
  • Art By: Steven Cummings
  • Art By: Tamra Bonvillain
  • Cover By: Steven Cummings
  • Cover By: Tamra Bonvillain

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Ayane’s strange feline origin is revealed in the most unlikely of places. Cover A is part three of a five-part panorama by STEVEN CUMMINGS & TAMRA BONVILLAIN. Buy all five issues of this story arc to fit them together into a massive WAYWARD illustration. Cover B is a variant by acclaimed illustrator KEN NIIMURA (I KILL GIANTS).

Wayward08_Preview_Page Wayward08_Preview_Page2 Wayward08_Preview_Page3 Wayward08_Preview_Page4 Wayward08_Preview_Page5


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