There’s a lot to relish in the Image Comics offerings tomorrow, from the third chapter of Kel Symons and Nathan Stockman’s upbeat fantasy Reyn to the martial arts hijinks of Kyle Starks’ Sexcastle; if your preference is more for the dark or downbeat, there’s the noir-ish and sordid panels of Satellite Sam, or the android love story Alex + Ada.

Alex + Ada #13

Story By: Jonathan Luna
Story By: Sarah Vaughn
Art By: Jonathan Luna
Cover By: Jonathan Luna
Price: $2.99

Disaster closes in on Alex and Ada.

AlexAda13_Page1 AlexAda13_Page2 AlexAda13_Page3 AlexAda13_Page4


Chrononauts #1

  • Story By: Mark Millar
  • Art By: Sean Gordon Murphy
  • Art By: Matt Hollingsworth
  • Cover By: Sean Gordon Murphy
  • Cover By: Matt Hollingsworth
  • Variant Cover By: Matteo Scalera
  • Variant Cover By: Declan Shalvey
  • Variant Cover By: Dan Panosian

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

From MARK MILLAR (Kick-Ass) and SEAN GORDON MURPHY (Punk Rock Jesus) comes a bromance for the ages! Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are two buddies who love to have fun. They’re also scientific geniuses. When their research leads them to a time-traveling adventure, will they use their knowledge for the good of all mankind? Or use the space-time continuum for their own ends? This is the story of man’s first, televised steps through the time-stream and everything going wrong in the process.

Chrononauts01_Page1 Chrononauts01_Page2 Chrononauts01_Page3 Chrononauts01_Page4 Chrononauts01_Page5 Chrononauts01_Page6

C.O.W.L. #9

  • Story By: Kyle Higgins
  • Story By: Alec Siegel
  • Art By: Rod Reis
  • Cover By: Trevor McCarthy

Price: $3.99

Geoffrey Warner and Camden Stone’s false-flag operation continues to escalate with the return of a Chicago Six villain: Skylancer. But who’s under the Skylancer mask will shock even Geoffrey.

Invisible Republic #1

  • Story By: Gabriel Hardman
  • Story By: Corinna Bechko
  • Art By: Gabriel Hardman
  • Art By: Jordan Boyd
  • Cover By: Gabriel Hardman
  • Cover By: Jordan Boyd

Price: $2.99

Breaking Bad meets Blade Runner. Arthur McBride’s planetary regime has fallen. His story is over. That is until reporter Croger Babb discovers the journal of Arthur’s cousin, Maia. Inside is the violent, audacious hidden history of the legendary freedom fighter. Erased from the official record, Maia alone knows how dangerous her cousin really is… Creative team GABRIEL HARDMAN (KINSKI, “Intense” – A.V. Club) and CORINNA BECHKO (HEATHENTOWN, “Nuanced” – Broken Frontier) brought you scifi adventure before (Planet of the Apes, Star Wars: Legacy, Hulk) but never this gritty or this epic.

InvisibleRepublic01_Page1 InvisibleRepublic01_Page2 InvisibleRepublic01_Page3 InvisibleRepublic01_Page4 InvisibleRepublic01_Page5 InvisibleRepublic01_Page6


The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars #1

  • Story By: Jonathan Hickman
  • Art By: Nick Pitarra
  • Cover By: Nick Pitarra

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

“MAN IN SPACE” Only when he’s lost in space does the great Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, find his true calling. THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS is back with all new stories told in a brand-new format. The greatest FEEL GOOD, BAD SCIENCE book in the long history of man returns in THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS: THE SUN BEYOND THE STARS.

MPSunBeyond01_Page1 MPSunBeyond01_Page2 MPSunBeyond01_Page3

Punks: The Comic #5

  • Story By: Joshua Hale Fialkov
  • Art By: Kody Chamberlain
  • Cover By: Kody Chamberlain

Price: $3.99

The rip-roaring conclusion to the first arc of “PUNKS!” Questions get answered and answers get questioned! Will Flo leave Boshannon for the Big City? Can Effie ever truly love again? Just how much feeling has Eddie lost from the thresher accident? None of these questions and more won’t be answered.

PunkstheComic05_Page1 PunkstheComic05_Page2 PunkstheComic05_Page3 PunkstheComic05_Page4 PunkstheComic05_Page5

Red One #1

  • Story By: Xavier Dorison
  • Art By: Terry Dodson
  • Art By: Rachel Dodson
  • Cover By: Terry Dodson
  • Cover By: Rachel Dodson

Price: $2.99

What happens when America’s greatest hero…is a Russian Spy? Soviet Agent Vera Yelnikov is sent to 1977 Los Angeles by the Kremlin to become an American Superhero and spread communist values in the land of Uncle Sam in a funky superhero romp straight out of a Tarantino film by TERRY & RACHEL DODSON (Uncanny X-Men, Wonder Woman, Spider- Man, Harley Quinn) and XAVIER DORISON (Long John Silver, The Third Testament).


RedOne01_Page1 RedOne01_Page2 RedOne01_Page3 RedOne01_Page4


Reyn #3

  • Story By: Kel Symons
  • Art By: Nathan Stockman

Price: $2.99

Reyn returns Seph to her father and the Followers of Tek, who ask him to join them on a mission to stop the Venn from destroying Fate.

Reyn3-17-21-preview-pages-2-1 Reyn3-17-21-preview-pages-2-2 Reyn3-17-21-preview-pages-2-3 Reyn3-17-21-preview-pages-2-4 Reyn3-17-21-preview-pages-2-5


Satellite Sam #12

  • Story By: Matt Fraction
  • Art By: Howard Chaykin
  • Cover By: Howard Chaykin

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Everybody’s got their something. Sometimes that something is sex, death, and live TV.

SatelliteSam12_Page1 SatelliteSam12_Page2 SatelliteSam12_Page3


Secret Identities #2

  • Story By: Brian Joines
  • Story By: Jay Faerber
  • Art By: Ilias Kyriazis
  • Cover By: Ilias Kyriazis

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Image’s hit super-team book continues! As Crosswind further ingratiates himself with the team, Gaijin finds her own loyalties tested.

SecretIdentities02_Page1 SecretIdentities02_Page2 SecretIdentities02_Page3 SecretIdentities02_Page4 SecretIdentities02_Page5 SecretIdentities02_Page6



By: Kyle Starks

Cover Price: $15.99

The Former World’s Greatest Assassin leaves the world of killing to a small town only to be pulled back in. An exciting action romp in the style of classic ’80s Action Film.

“SEXCASTLE is a perfect mix of homage and comedy, action and irony, loving tribute and hilarious send-up of the great, good, and ungodly-bad action movies of the ‘80s. I don’t remember the last time a debut book hit me this hard. Literally, this book punched me in the face. It’s THAT mean.” – Matt Fraction

  • ISBN 978-1-63215-300-5
  • 208 pages, paperback, black and white
  • Rated Mature



Spread #6

  • Story By: Justin Jordan
  • Art By: Kyle Strahm
  • Cover By: Kyle Strahm

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Spreadworms, Sirens, Raiders, Cannibals, The Preacher. Everything collides. Almost everybody dies. The first arc ends here.

Spread06_Page1 Spread06_Page2 Spread06_Page3 Spread06_Page4 Spread06_Page5 Spread06_Page6


Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #2

By: David Lapham

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

You’ll never find a happier person than Rose. A single mom living among the worst killers, thieves, and drug addicts in the city, she’s never had a down thought cross her mind. Not until her least favorite person hooked up with a boy she was more than sweet on. The day Rose saw Beth and Orson together something broke inside her, and now this air-headed, happy-go-lucky, highly promiscuous, fake-blonde is out for blood—and she doesn’t care whose or how much is spilt. Can this buxom bombshell’s heart be “fixed” before she blows up Baltimore and ruins Orson and Beth’s own revenge plans, or will the next bouquet of flowers she gets be the ones on her grave?

StrayBullSunshine02_Page1 StrayBullSunshine02_Page2 StrayBullSunshine02_Page3


The Thrilling Adventure Hour Presents: Sparks Nevada: Marshall On Mars #2

  • Story By: Ben Acker
  • Story By: Ben Blacker
  • Art By: J. Bone

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Based on the hit Nerdist podcast! Chased by masked marauders wielding futuristic guns in turn-to-glass mode, Sparks and Croach The Tracker race through the undercity of Mars, an impossible expanse of wonderment that defies human understanding.

TTAHP_SparksNevada02_Page1 TTAHP_SparksNevada02_Page2 TTAHP_SparksNevada02_Page3 TTAHP_SparksNevada02_Page4 TTAHP_SparksNevada02_Page5 TTAHP_SparksNevada02_Page6


Witchblade #181

  • Story By: David Hine
  • Art By: Laura Braga
  • Cover By: Stjepan Sejic

Price: $3.99

The one where Jackie dies! This is the way it had to end. Sara Pezzini goes head to head with Jackie Estacado and the Darkness. Sometimes there are no winners…

Witchblade181_Page1 Witchblade181_Page2 Witchblade181_Page3 Witchblade181_Page4 Witchblade181_Page5 Witchblade181_Page6


Zero #15

  • Story By: Ales Kot
  • Art By: Ian Bertram
  • Art By: Jordie Bellaire
  • Cover By: Ian Bertram
  • Cover By: Tom Muller
  • Variant Cover By: Jeff Lemire
  • Variant Cover By: Tom Muller

Price: $2.99

Tangiers in the 1960s. United Kingdom in the 2020s. The trip begins.

Zero15_Page1 Zero15_Page2 Zero15_Page3 Zero15_Page4

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