While you’re at your comic shop this week to pick up The Walking Dead, there are a lot of other quality Image Comics titles coming to the shelves, including two number ones for ongoing series, The Surface, and The Southern Cross, as well as the Spawn: Ressurection one-shot.

Casanova: Acedia #2

  • Story By: Matt Fraction
  • Story By: Michael Chabon
  • Art By: Fábio Moon
  • Art By: Gabriel Bá
  • Cover By: Fábio Moon
  • Cover By: Gabriel Bá

Price: $3.99

Tensions in Los Angeles continue to rise as Quentin Cassaday, aka Casanova Quinn, dives head-on into the mystery of Emil Boutique. Meanwhile, CHABON and BÁ continue their whirlwind tour of the Casanovaverse.


East of West #18

  • Story By: Jonathan Hickman
  • Art By: Nick Dragotta
  • Cover By: Nick Dragotta

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

“THE PATH OF THE PROPHET” The last days of the world are upon us, and one man has become the living word of the apocalypse. This is the story of Ezra Orion and his unholy resurrection.

EastofWest18_Page2 EastofWest18_Page3 EastofWest18_Page4

Ghosted #18

  • Story By: Joshua Williamson
  • Art By: Vladimir Krstic
  • Art By: Miroslav Mrva
  • Cover By: Vladimir Krstic
  • Cover By: Miroslav Mrva

Price: $2.99

Anderson has been haunting Jackson ever since she died. What is she really here for? Find out this issue!

Ghosted18_Page1 Ghosted18_Page2 Ghosted18_Page3

Postal #2

  • Story By: Bryan Hill
  • Story By: Matt Hawkins
  • Art By: Isaac Goodhart
  • Cover By: Linda Sejic
  • Variant Cover By: Isaac Goodhart

Price: $3.99

The fragile peace of a town full of criminals is shattered by the discovery of a murdered woman. When Mark seeks answers about her death and the people that could be behind it, he discovers the darkest secret at the heart of the town, a secret that alters his past forever.

Postal02_Page1 Postal02_Page2 Postal02_Page3 Postal02_Page4 Postal02_Page5 Postal02_Page6

Sheltered #15

  • Story By: Ed Brisson
  • Art By: Johnnie Christmas
  • Cover By: Johnnie Christmas

Price: $2.99

THIS IS IT! THE FINAL ISSUE! It’s the end of Safe Haven, but is it the end of the world?

Sheltered15_Page1 Sheltered15_Page2 Sheltered15_Page3

Shutter #10

  • Story By: Joe Keatinge
  • Art By: Leila Del Duca
  • Art By: Owen Gieni
  • Cover By: Leila Del Duca
  • Cover By: Owen Gieni

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Kate Kristopher in Slumberland.

Shutter10_ifc Shutter10_Page1 Shutter10_Page2 Shutter10_Page3 Shutter10_Page4

Sidekick #10

  • Story By: J. Michael Straczynski
  • Art By: Tom Mandrake
  • Art By: Hifi
  • Cover By: Tom Mandrake
  • Cover By: Hifi

Price: $2.99

The noose is tightening around the neck of Thomas Winchester, formerly known as The Red Cowl. Desperate and on the run, his only hope is that his former sidekick, Barry Chase, will show mercy and refrain from killing him to avenge years of pain and deception. But with Julia Moonglow at his side, urging vengeance, will Barry save his former partner…or finish his journey to a world darker than any he could have imagined?

Sidekick10_Page1 Sidekick10_Page2 Sidekick10_Page3

Sinergy #5

  • Story By: Michael Avon Oeming
  • Story By: Taki Soma
  • Art By: Michael Avon Oeming
  • Art By: Taki Soma
  • Cover By: Michael Avon Oeming
  • Variant Cover By: Skottie Young

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Jess’ mother makes a hard choice after her suspicions are confirmed. Jess, Jesse, the hunters and the monsters all must fight for their survival- the hunters fight for humans, the monsters for a natural resource that may destroy us all- sin! Alternate cover by superstar SKOTTIE YOUNG!

sinergy5_00 sinergy5_01 sinergy5_02 sinergy5_03 sinergy5_04 sinergy5_05

Southern Cross #1

  • Story By: Becky Cloonan
  • Art By: Andy Belanger
  • Art By: Lee Loughridge
  • Cover By: Becky Cloonan

Price: $2.99

NOW BOARDING: Southern Cross, tanker flight 73 to TITAN! Alex Braith is on board retracing her sister’s steps to the refinery moon, hoping to collect her remains and find some answers. The questions keep coming though—how did her sister die? Where did her cabin mate disappear to? Who is that creep across the hall? And why does she always feel like she’s being watched? Inspired by classic mysteries and weird fiction, SOUTHERN CROSS is a crucible of creeping anxiety and fear as Braith struggles with the ghosts of her past on board a ship that holds secrets best kept buried.

SouthernCross01_Page1 SouthernCross01_Page2 SouthernCross01_Page3 SouthernCross01_Page4 SouthernCross01_Page5

Spawn: Ressurection #1

  • Story By: Paul Jenkins
  • Art By: Jonboy
  • Cover By: Jonboy
  • Variant Cover By: Todd McFarlane

Price: $2.99

NEW TEAM! NEW DIRECTION! The return of Al Simmons, and the start of a brand new era for SPAWN! No one quite knows where Al’s been all this time, but it’s clear he’s come back a changed man. Wiser, stronger, and with the memories from an experience that’s he’s still struggling to understand. Tucked away in a crime-ridden corner of New York City, he’s beginning to forge new alliances, preparing defenses, and testing out his newly acquired powers… because there’s a battle coming, and it’s something that makes the Heaven/Hell thing seem like a petty squabble. So just who did Al piss off so badly while he was away?

Paul Jenkins has replaced Brian Wood to be the next writer of SPAWN. Comics veteran Jenkins will be joining artist Jonboy Meyers starting with SPAWN: RESURRECTION, before the team takes over the regular series with SPAWN #251!

The Surface #1

  • Story By: Ales Kot
  • Art By: Langdon Foss
  • Art By: Jordie Bellaire
  • Cover By: Langdon Foss
  • Cover By: Jordie Bellaire

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99d District 9 had a baby? Maybe THE SURFACE! Welcome to Africa. Ebola is no longer a problem. The West and the East are moving in—and three hacker lovers are searching Tanzania for the place that can change everything: THE SURFACE! The first issue of a mind-bending action SF epic drawn by the esteemed LANGDON FOSS (Get Jiro!, Winter Soldier) and colored by the Eisner-winning JORDIE BELLAIRE (everything)! THE SURFACE!

The_Surface01_page1 The_Surface01_page2 The_Surface01_page3

The Walking Dead #138

  • Story By: Robert Kirkman
  • Art By: Charlie Adlard
  • Art By: Stefano Gaudiano
  • Art By: Cliff Rathburn
  • Cover By: Charlie Adlard
  • Cover By: Dave Stewart

Price: $2.99

FACE TO FACE. Two issues this month!

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