Image Comics released a lot of great comics today, so when you head to the comic shop to get The Walking Dead, Saga, and Rat Queens, don’t forget robot drama Descender, the super-hero drama Jupiter’s Circle, and the space western Copperhead.  Other comics of note include the last issue of Danger Club, which is released with two endings today, and the first issues of Savior, The Legacy of Luther Strode, and IXth Generation: Hidden War.

Big Man Plans #2

  • Story By: Eric Powell
  • Story By: Tim Wiesch
  • Art By: Eric Powell
  • Cover By: Dave Johnson

Cover Price: $3.50 Digital Price: $2.99 Big Man, by knee-capping a guy with a drywall hatchet, begins his bloody road of revenge as more clues to his mysterious motivations are revealed.


Birthright #6

  • Story By: Joshua Williamson
  • Art By: Andrei Bressan
  • Art By: Adriano Lucas
  • Cover By: Andrei Bressan
  • Cover By: Adriano Lucas
  • Variant Cover By: James Harren

Price: $2.99

NEW STORY ARC Mikey’s return has divided the Rhodes family in unexpected ways. Where do they go from here?

Birthright06_Preview_Page13 Birthright06_Preview_Page14 Birthright06_Preview_Page15

Copperhead #6

  • Story By: Jay Faerber
  • Art By: Scott Godlewski
  • Art By: Ron Riley
  • Cover By: Scott Godlewski
  • Cover By: Ron Riley

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

It’s payday at the copper mine, which means Sheriff Clara Bronson is in for a particularly rowdy Friday night. Plus, Boo is offered an intriguing partnership.

Copperhead06_Preview_Page Copperhead06_Preview_Page2 Copperhead06_Preview_Page3 Copperhead06_Preview_Page4

Danger Club #8

  • Story By: Landry Q. Walker
  • Art By: Eric Jones
  • Cover By: Eric Jones

Price: $2.99

The menace from beyond space has finally come to Earth. It is the end of all things, and our teenage heroes must now succeed where their mentors have failed. Don’t miss this cataclysmic final chapter in LANDRY Q. WALKER and ERIC JONES’s acclaimed superhero epic.


DangerClub08_Preview_Page DangerClub08_Preview_Page2 DangerClub08_Preview_Page3

Danger Club #8: Alternate Ending Edition

  • Story By: Landry Q. Walker
  • Art By: Eric Jones

Price: $2.99

The menace from beyond space has finally come to Earth. It is the end of all things, and our teenage heroes must now succeed where their mentors have failed. Don’t miss this cataclysmic final chapter in LANDRY Q. WALKER and ERIC JONES’s acclaimed superhero epic. This edition has an alternate ending.

Descender #2

  • Story By: Jeff Lemire
  • Art By: Dustin Nguyen
  • Cover By: Dustin Nguyen

Price: $2.99

As the brutal robot hunting Scrappers close in on TIM-21, the events that first brought him to the mining colony on the outer edges of space are revealed.

Descender02_Preview_Page Descender02_Preview_Page2 Descender02_Preview_Page3 Descender02_Preview_Page4 Descender02_Preview_Page5 Descender02_Preview_Page6


Elephantmen #63

  • Story By: Richard Starkings
  • Art By: Axel Medellin
  • Cover By: Boo Cook

Price: $3.99

Miki and Farrell meet perhaps the strangest Elephantman of all.

Elephantmen63_Preview_Page4 Elephantmen63_Preview_Page5 Elephantmen63_Preview_Page6


FIve Ghosts #16

  • Story By: Frank J. Barbiere
  • Art By: Chris Mooneyham
  • Cover By: Chris Mooneyham

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99“MONSTERS & MEN,” Part Four Trapped.

FiveGhosts16_Preview_Page FiveGhosts16_Preview_Page2 FiveGhosts16_Preview_Page3 FiveGhosts16_Preview_Page4 FiveGhosts16_Preview_Page5 FiveGhosts16_Preview_Page6


IXth Generation: Hidden FIles #1

  • Story By: Matt Hawkins
  • Art By: Stjepan Sejic
  • Cover By: Stjepan Sejic
  • Variant Cover By: Stjepan Sejic

Price: $3.99

An in-depth look at the realistic science of IXth GENERATION focusing on transhumanism, cybernetic enhancement, and genetic alteration in this dossier-style book featuring new art by STJEPAN SEJIC.

IXthGenerationHF01_Preview_Page IXthGenerationHF01_Preview_Page2 IXthGenerationHF01_Preview_Page3 IXthGenerationHF01_Preview_Page4 IXthGenerationHF01_Preview_Page5 IXthGenerationHF01_Preview_Page6


Jupiter’s Circle #1

  • Story By: Mark Millar
  • Art By: Wilfredo Torres
  • Cover By: Frank Quitely
  • Variant Cover By: Frank Quitely
  • Variant Cover By: Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Variant Cover By: Goran Parlov

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

The most celebrated superheroes in mid-century America seem to have it all— fame, riches, adoration—but tensions simmer beneath the glossy surface, threatening to crack open the secrets behind their public AND private exploits. Before the family dynasty in JUPITER’S LEGACY began, there was JUPITER’S CIRCLE—a story about a team whose personal dramas collide with super-powered spectacle!

Legacy of Luther Strode #1

  • Story By: Justin Jordan
  • Art By: Tradd Moore
  • Art By: Felipe Sobreiro
  • Cover By: Tradd Moore
  • Cover By: Felipe Sobreiro

Price: $3.99

Luther Strode returns. For five years, Luther Strode and Petra have been on the run. Now the time for running is over, and the Murder Cult is going down. The road to Cain starts here. JUSTIN JORDAN (SPREAD) and TRADD MOORE (All-New Ghost Rider) bring back Luther and Petra for their final adventure. The last chapter in the hit trilogy begins NOW. Special double-sized issue!

LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page7 LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page8 LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page9 LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page10 LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page11 LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page12 LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page13 LegacyLutherStrode01_Preview_Page14


Nameless #3

  • Story By: Grant Morrison
  • Art By: Chris Burnham
  • Art By: Nathan Fairbairn
  • Cover By: Chris Burnham
  • Cover By: Nathan Fairbairn

Price: $2.99

As the exploration of vast structures on the surface of the asteroid Xibalba begins, more nightmarish secrets of a prehistoric cosmic war come crawling into the light. What soul-destroying truth lies buried in Xibalba’s immense tunnel network? What malignancies lie dreaming there? What is human? And what is NOT?

Nameless03_Preview_Page Nameless03_Preview_Page2 Nameless03_Preview_Page3


ODY-C #4

  • Story By: Matt Fraction
  • Art By: Christian Ward
  • Cover By: Christian Ward

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

The core of a fabled starship may make Odyssia’s journey home a matter of moments rather than months—but it comes at a price.

OdyC04_Preview_Page OdyC04_Preview_Page2-3


One-Hit Wonder #5

  • Story By: Fabrice Sapolsky
  • Art By: Ivan Fiorelli
  • Cover By: Stephane Roux

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

MINISERIES CONCLUSION! The end of the mob as we know it. So bloody that we invented a word for it: “binge killing.” You thought you saw everything in the Games of Thrones-style penultimate issue? Think again! Richie Reese’s final fate is revealed here. Which side is hexon? Who’ll go with a smile? Also: the Hollywood Killer’s next adventure is teased here.

OneHitWonder05_Preview_Page OneHitWonder05_Preview_Page2 OneHitWonder05_Preview_Page3


Rat Queens #10

  • Story By: Kurtis J. Wiebe
  • Art By: Stjepan Sejic
  • —:

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

Palisade is shattered and recovering from the grand battle against the Spawn of N’Rygoth while the Rat Queens try to pick up the pieces of their fractured bond. Hey, we never promised it would all be candy and drugs.

RQ_10_00 RQ_10_01 RQ_10_02 RQ_10_03


Saga #27

  • Story By: Brian K. Vaughan
  • Art By: Fiona Staples
  • Cover By: Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99

Poor Marko.

Savior #1

  • Story By: Todd McFarlane
  • Story By: Brian Holguin
  • Art By: Clayton Crain
  • Cover By: Clayton Crain

Price: $2.99

What if the MOST DANGEROUS man on Earth was also the one trying to do the MOST GOOD? The world is real. The people are normal. And then he appears! A man appears with no background, no memory, and no place to call home. But he has powers. Powers that seem resemble those we learned about in Sunday School. Could it be?! Is it possible that this man is much, much more than that? Is it possible that he is our “SAVIOR” in the flesh? And if he is, then why doesn’t he know who he is or how he got his powers? Strip away the spandex and trappings of the traditional comic superhero and ask yourself a simple question: “How would I react if GOD suddenly appeared in front of me, but everything we had been taught about him seems out of whack?” What you would have left, beyond your own doubts, is the presence of a man who has to deal with the fact that his appearance in the world is seen as both a blessing and a curse. Some will see him as a hero, a messiah. Other will see him as an enemy because there isn’t room for a person with god-like powers to disrupt the status quo of what we already believe. Some will rally behind him. Others will denounce him. But none of us will be able to ignore him.

Savior1_1 Savior1_2 Savior1_3 Savior1_4 Savior1_5


Southern Cross #2

  • Story By: Becky Cloonan
  • Art By: Andy Belanger
  • Art By: Lee Loughridge
  • Cover By: Andy Belanger
  • Cover By: Lee Loughridge

Price: $2.99

Day two on board the SOUTHERN CROSS’s five-day voyage to Titan, and the mysteries are already piling up. Like where has BRAITH’s cabin-mate disappeared to? Just how many people have died on board the ship? And how many of those spirits are still haunting the dark corners of the SOUTHERN CROSS? The plot thickens as BRAITH starts making connections, leading her through doors that should have been kept shut.

SouthernCross02_Preview_Page SouthernCross02_Preview_Page2 SouthernCross02_Preview_Page3

The Surface #2

  • Story By: Ales Kot
  • Art By: Langdon Foss
  • Art By: Jordie Bellaire
  • Cover By: Langdon Foss
  • Cover By: Jordie Bellaire

Cover Price: $3.50

Digital Price: $2.99

There’s a traitor on the team, and a cityship arriving into the morphing utopia of The Surface will change everything. Just as the team finds what they were looking for—they are threatened by forces that might tear them apart!

TheSurface02_Preview_Page5 TheSurface02_Preview_Page6 TheSurface02_Preview_Page7


The Walking Dead #140

  • Story By: Robert Kirkman
  • Art By: Charlie Adlard
  • Art By: Stefano Gaudiano
  • Art By: Cliff Rathburn
  • Cover By: Charlie Adlard
  • Cover By: Dave Stewart

Price: $2.99

Life and Death.

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