Hi! My name is Dan and I’m the Editor of NerdSpan’s Movies section. I really hope you’ve been enjoying all the goodness that is coming from our Writers. (They make me very proud!) We try very hard to convey to you, our beloved readers, the joy we experience watching films through our reviews. As many of you may have noticed, our Movie Reviews are very diverse in the films selected. Other than the expected wave of current films, we try to bring you films that you may have never thought of twice or even heard of before. We are committed to share with you our honest, unbiased opinions on the films being reviewed simply because we love this medium so much.

Many of you may have noticed that once in a while we will have more than one review of the same film, usually New Releases that everyone wants to see. This is so you, our wonderful readers (Can you tell that we like you?), will get the most “bang for your buck” when trying to decide what you want to see when going out to the movies. Instead of having to search several different sites for multiple reviews on the same film, you can stop by NerdSpan for all your needs. From our Introduction articles, you know that some of our reviewers our international, which is a big bonus for you. Due to the craziness that is Hollywood logic, they sometimes get to see films way in advance of the U.S., which means you get a review way before anyone else. (How awesome is that, right?)

To continue sharing our love of film to you, our lovely readers (It’s late, but you can still be our Valentine.), we plan on expanding the Movies section with more articles. You may have already seen a few of them, here, here, and there. We’ve got plenty more coming your way, like Film and Director analysis, DVD reviews, along with some other goodies still in the works. (Look out, future! We’re gonna punch you in the throat!)

So, please, enjoy the Movies section articles (along with all the other kick ass articles from NerdSpan) and spread the love. (By telling your friends about us. Sorry, but we’re in a committed relationship. ^_~)

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