NBC has released interview excerpts with the lead actors of The Good Place, wih Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper both remarking that there will be, as Harper puts it, “a lot more Ted Danson this season,” or, as Kristen Bell teases, “…the amount of Ted Danson that you want.”

Ted Danson says that we get to see “a very complicated demon” in season two:

…now you get to see Michael behind the curtain. Before, all you saw was the presentation of Michael. You never saw him have a private moment. Now…everyone’s in on the same joke.

…Michael was one dimensional last year, right up to the end…This year, you get to see a very complicated demon.

The other interview excerpts include season one recaps and some hints about what to expect from season two, although on the whole, there are no serious spoilers for the upcoming season.

Interview playlist:

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