On this episode, we interview Sam Satiin, writer of the comic book Legend.  Sam starts off by describing the story and characters of Legend, and then we ask him why he chose to write an apocalyptic tale from the point of view of dogs and cats.  We talk about the differences between the world of dogs and cats both in the story, and in real life.  We talk with Sam about the myths and world building of his book, and then discuss the release date of the collected trade for the series.

Next, we ask Sam how the reaction to the book has been, talk about our love of animals, and then inquire about Sam’s inspiration for Legend.  We ask same when the story will continue, and Sam then discusses the possibility of other stories set in the Legend universe, as well as the possibilities for merchandising and collectibles based on his series.

Before we let Sam go, we talk about the designs of the armor worn by the cat clan in his story, delve into the mystery of what might have happened to the humans in the book, and discuss the skill required to draw animals as opposed to regular human characters.

After we finish our interview with Sam, we continue the episode with a discussion about the release date for the upcoming Justice League Action cartoon, and then talk Captain America: Civil War.  Next, we move on to news about an Inhumans show coming to television as well as Imax theaters, the return of the Young Justice cartoon to Netflix, and then reminisce about the recent Green Lantern cartoon.

We follow that up with a discussion about our hopes and fears for the future DC movies, and our excitement for the Lego Batman movie before discussing an article about the possibility of Josh Trank making a Boba Fett movie that we are happy will not happen.

We finish off the episode with the announcement of WWE returning to comic books, and then make our own announcement about the giveaway planned for the upcoming 200th episode of the We Be Geeks podcast.


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