We begin this episode with Mike demonstrating his newest podcasting toy, which somehow leads into a bit of reminiscing about the old show WKRP in Cincinnati (Sports and Weather on the 5’s). After that bit of fun, we move on to talk a bit about the recent announcement that comic creator Steve Orlando will be soon be putting out a new series with Boom Studios titled “Namesake”. Next, we move on to talk a bit about Justice League and Flash comics, which then leads into a discussion about the Legends of Tomorrow show in which we joke about the bad CGI of a “hulked out Nazi” seen in a recent episode.
Next, we move over to Marvel as we discuss Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain leaving Twitter due to harassment issues. This naturally moves to a discussion about what Marvel is trying to do with the changes, delays, and saturation of comics from the company.
There is a brief interlude where we discuss sports a bit, we were recording during the last game of the World Series after all, and then quickly move on to our normal geek discussions. We talk about the Marvel Defenders series coming to Netflix next year, and talk about the list of familiar characters appearing in the series.
The 200th episode of We Be Geeks is coming in the next couple of weeks, and Mike takes a moment to talk about some of the prizes that we will be giving away to celebrate the occasion.

Next, we talk about CW show Arrow bringing a familiar Batman character to the show in the form of Talia Al Ghul, which then leads to a look into the villains that have plagued the Emerald Archer over the years in the comics. Talking about villains leads us to ponder how many times the character Dr. Light has appeared on television. Next, we talk about two Flash related stories regarding both the CW tv show, and the upcoming Flash movie. First, we discuss a couple of pictures floating around the internet of Mark Hamill on the Flash tv set dressed in a Jokeresque costume, then we discuss the departure of yet another director from the Flash movie.
We start winding down the show as we talk about the announcement of a line of Funko Pops based on the Stranger Things Netflix show, which then leads into talk about a store called 2nd and Charles. We then end the episode with talk of the new We Be Geeks Declassified Youtube channel, and some of the content we plan to put on the channel.

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