Text by the creators of “Video Games: The Movie”:

Now that you’re here you are probably asking the question, “With all the great films and game projects on Kickstarter, why should I care about this or support it?” Great question and the answer is best described in 4 parts:

#1. GAMERS ARE A MISUNDERSTOOD GROUP:  One of the major goals of our film is to tear down the misconceptions the public has by revealing the truth about video game culture and the amazing, vibrant community gamers have created over the years.

2. THE VIDEOGAME INDUSTRY IS MISUNDERSTOOD: Another big part of the story in our film is about the industry itself; the people who created it and the developers and publishers who have dedicated their lives to making great games. Much of this passion and artistry is overlooked by the mainstream media and all “game people” are painted with a broad stroke that is incorrect.  We know this is not true and our film goes behind the scenes to tell the true story of the people who drive this amazing industry with passion and dedication.

3. TO TELL THE WHOLE STORY: If you’re a gamer or even a film buff, you may have seen half hour TV specials on “violence in games” or mini documentaries about a specific game, gaming event or the early days of video games but we want to tell the whole story of video games, not just part of it (more on the ‘story’ below.)  We have shot interviews and footage for the past year at almost all the major game developers & publishers as well as indie game developers.  The story is there waiting to be crafted we just need the resources ($) to finish it.


4. TO MAKE THE FILM THE BEST IT CAN BE:  We have already shot the film! That’s right, we started about a year ago just before E3 and have already shot 95% of the film. Now we need your help to finish our movie with quality, time and care.  This film will be the representation of a great industry and amazing group of people and we want to make it as truly awesome as it has the potential to be.  And if you support us you can now say, this is your movie because we cannot do it without you.



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