A 1/6-scale fully painted statue based on the SF comic Ultraman will be released in May by Gecco Corp.

The statue – retailing for $311 USD – features Shinjiro Hayata in his Ultraman costume. Original writer/artist Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi supervised the creation of the  tokusatsu statue.

Below are the official details and photos of the Ultraman statue, provided by Gecco Corp:

Ultraman 1/6 Scale Statue

Produced by

The hero of the SF comic “ULTRAMAN,” Shinjiro Hayata, is recreated as a highly detailed 1/6 scale statue, capturing the crisp metallic detail of his iconic suit.

The sculpt features both the color timer on the chest and eyes glowing with LED.

The arms are interchangeable with the Spacium Blade.

The ULTRAMAN head is also interchangeable with the Shinjiro head, and the statue can be displayed unmasked, holding the mask in his left hand, which creates a totally different atmosphere.

The sculpting and painting technique captures both the hard and soft material of the suit and is another wonderful highlight. This is the ultimate ULTRAMAN statue thoroughly supervised by the original writer/artist Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi.

-Price: 36,800 yen (about $311 USD)
-Size:1/6 scale (33 cm high)
-Release:May 2016
-Prepainted statue
-Sculpt:Shinya Akao / HEADLONG
-Sculpt (Shinjiro Head): Natsuho Miyata
-Paint:Kenji Ando



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