J-Pop supergroup fhána are getting ever-closer to their first U.S. show at Anime Weekend Atlanta, and they’ve prepped a special edition of their debut album to celebrate. Outside of Melancholy is being released on September 28th online via Kawaii Kakkoi Sugoi. The album comes in a special edition that includes a Blu-Ray with music videos and live performances.

The group is a multigenerational powerhouse of Internet musicians from Japan. Junichi Sato, yuxuki waga, and kevin mitsunaga all rose to fame in different eras of online and Vocaloid music scenes, and vocalist towana rounds the group out perfectly. They’ve found fame quickly with their catchy melodies and arresting pop arrangements, and now that they’ve conquered Japan with themes for Celestial Method, Witch Craft Works, and Prisma Illya, they’re on their way to our shores.

Catch them in Atlanta for a chance to pick the album up early, or check out some videos on their YouTube channel to see what they’re about!

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