IDW publishing has released previews of this week’s arrivals, including Angry Birds Flight School #1, Back to the Future #17, Darkness Visible #1, Dirk Gently Salmon of Doubt #5, Highlander American Dream #1, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #51, October Faction Deadly Season #5, Optimus Prime #4, Revolutionaries #2, Starstruck Old Proldiers Never Die #1, Star Trek Green Lantern Vol. 2 #3, TMNT Universe #7, Transformers Lost Light #3, and several hardcover and trade paperback collections.


Alex Toth’s Bravo for Adventure Artist’s Edition HCSPOTLIGHT

Alex Toth (w & a & c)

Of every comics story Alex Toth ever drew, the only one that he kept the complete original art to was Bravo for Adventure. This Artist’s Edition is a virtual “how-to” course in drawing comics the Toth way. We see how he would draw all the detail in a scene, only to black it out in order to focus the reader’s eye on what really counted. “Simplify, simplify, simplify,” he said. Also included are variant versions of the Bravo saga featuring Noah Chance and the experimental aircraft called Condor, plus dozens of never-before-seen pencil roughs, preliminary drawings, and story fragments, as well as all twelve pages of Toth’s own coloring for an edition that never saw print, and—freed from storage after 40 years—all of the coloring for what was intended to be Bravo’s original 1975 first printing in France!

HC • BW • $75.00 net price item • 136 pages • 12” x 17” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-790-1

Angry Birds: Flight School #1

Paul Tobin (w) • Giorgio Cavazzano & Various (a) • Philip Murphy (c)

Ever wondered what your favorite furious fowl would do if they had hands and feet? Well, wonder no longer! Based on the hit movie, Angry Birds: Flight School is sure to please fans of every age (and fans of feathered hands and feet)!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • All-new comics featuring stories based on the hit movie!

Back to the Future #17

Bob Gale, John Barber (w) • Emma Viecelli (a & c)

WHO IS MARTY MCFLY—CONCLUSION! Too many Martys… but only one can survive. Or can he? Time travel gets confusing! But this issue provides all the mind-bending answers as Doc and Marty try to get out of the future—and figure out which “now” is theirs!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

BATMAN/TMNT Adventures #1 Director’s Cut

Matthew K. Manning (w) • Jon Sommariva (a & c)

The debut issue of the hit crossover gets the Director’s Cut treatment! Chock full of unseen black and white artwork, script excerpts, creator commentary and character designs, this book is the perfect item for any Batman or TMNT fan!

FC • 48 pages • $4.99

Bullet points:

  • If you missed the first print, this is the perfect opportunity to jump on!

Darkness Visible #1

Mike Carey & Arvind Ethan David (w) • Brendan Cahill (a & c)

When the demons came, humanity reluctantly learned to share the world with another sentient race. Eighty years later, this uneasy co-existence has spawned an endless terrorist conflict. Detective Daniel Aston, charged with being the thin blue line between the two sides, is tested to the limit when a demon sets up house inside his soul. But to save his daughter, he’ll pay any price—including genocide.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • From bestselling author and screenwriter Mike Carey (Unwritten, Lucifer, Girl with All the Gifts) and Arvind Ethan David (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) comes an all-new, original world of darkness and demons.
  • Variant cover by Frazer Irving!

Dirk Gently: The Salmon of Doubt #5

Arvind Ethan David (w) • Ilias Kyriazis (a & c)

Plagued by nightmares of a life he never had, Dirk Gently discovers that a holistic detective can have more than one past, and they’re about to catch up with him! Featuring favorite characters from the original books as well as the cast from the TV series, including Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • The star of two (almost three) beloved Douglas Adams novels!
  • Written by executive producer of the TV series Arvind Ethan David!
  • Executive produced by Max Landis (Chronicle and Superman: American Alien), the writer of the BBC America TV series!
  • Each issue will have a photo cover featuring the cast of the show!
  • Variant cover by Robert Hack!

Highlander: The American Dream #1

Brian Ruckley (w) • Andrea Mutti (a) • Francesco Francavilla (c)

The cult-classic franchise makes its triumphant return! In the thirty years since its release, Highlander has inspired a cult following and numerous spinoffs with its epic clashes between powerful immortals. Now, The American Dream follows Scottish swordsman Connor MacLeod as he navigates through the American Civil War and 1950s Manhattan toward The Gathering in 1986. Reunite with familiar faces, such as Connor’s secretary Rachel, and meet new immortals, such as Osta Vazilek, but remember… There can be only one!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • The cult phenomenon returns!
  • Written by Scottish fantasy novelist Brian Ruckley (The Godless World trilogy)!
  • Interior art by Andrea Mutti (Rebels)!
  • Covers by Eisner Award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla!
  • Subscription covers by Italian artist Claudia Gironi!
  • Ask your retailer about the foil cover featuring Connor’s original sword!

Jackboot & Ironheel

Max Millgate (w & a & c)

Eddie Neale had his future planned, shooting balls into the net for West Ham United F.C., but thanks to World War II, he’s shooting Nazis as an R.A.F. tail-gunner! Shot down, he finds himself captive in castle Lungotz Luftzig where he’ll face his biggest opposition yet… his own destiny!

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-836-6

Bullet points:

  • Wonderfully old-school British sensibility to the writing that adds some definite charm to the proceedings.” –Big Comic Page

Jay Disbrow’s Monster Invasion

Various (w) • Jay Disbrow (a & c)

One of the most bizarre, unique stylists from Pre-Code horror comics is cult-favorite Jay Disbrow. If there’s anyone close to this unknown genius, it’s Basil Wolverton. Working with friend, editor, and colorist L.B. Cole, Disbrow wrote and drew many fear-inducing tales specializing in terrifying demons, scary apparitions, and a horde of hairy monsters. This full color, large format book culls the best of Disbrow’s work from moldy comics like Dark Mysteries, Ghostly Weird Stories, Spook, and Startling Terror Tales. A revealing and lengthy interview with the creator serves a dark, ghostly-weird, startling, and profusely illustrated introduction!

HC • FC • $24.99 • 148 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-795-6

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #51

James Asmus (w) • Tony Fleecs (a & c)

Twilight is startled to find that the most important history books in Equestria are going missing. Will she and her friends be able to uncover the identity of the mysterious new villain responsible?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • Variant cover by Nicoletta Baldari!

The October Faction: Deadly Season #5

Steve Niles (w) • Damien Worm (a & c)

Fred Allan has survived the deadly manhunt across the deserted city of Carson so far and his family has finally found him. Unfortunately, he’s still surrounded by young werewolves and vampires — the children of his old foes. Can the Allan family and their new allies get to Fred in time to save him?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Optimus Prime #4

John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a & c)

NEW CYBERTRON! Optimus Prime struggles to unite the Junkions, Cybertronians, and humans—but will diplomacy be scuttled when the Junkion’s secret comes out? 

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • Variant cover by Nelson Daniel!

Revolutionaries #2

John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Tradd Moore (c)

ENTER THE SHADOW! One of the REVOLUTIONARIES is missing—and when his teammates launch a rescue mission, they get a little help… from the 4″-tall other-dimensional MICRONAUTS! Together they’ll have to face the swords of the all-new, all-different STORM SHADOW—and she’s not taking prisoners!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • Enter the all-new, all-different STORM SHADOW!
  • The secrets of the Hasbro universe are revealed here!
  • Variant cover by Andrew Griffith!

Starstruck: Old Proldiers Never Die #1 (of 6)

Elaine Lee (w) • Michael Kaluta (a & c)

A glorious Starstruck mini-series of Lee & Kaluta’s classic space-opera! A rollicking adventure featuring Harry Palmer, the Galactic Girl Guides, and other favorites from this classic series. This re-mastered and expanded series features approximately 50% all-new artwork by legendary comics illustrator Michael Kaluta. Each episode includes a single chapter as well as a glossary written by Lee and illustrated by Kaluta.

FC • 32 pages • $4.99

Bullet points:

  • Completely new coloring, and 50% new art from Michael Kaluta over the course of the series!

Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol 2 #3 (of 6)

Mike Johnson (w) • Angel Hernandez (a & c)

The race to the planet Oa continues! Will Captain Kirk and Hal Jordan be the first to find the legendary home of the Green Lanterns, or will Sinestro and the Klingons beat them to it? Don’t miss the latest chapter in the blockbuster crossover event of the year!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • Following the blockbuster success of last year’s Star Trek/Green Lantern, DC Entertainment and IDW once again bring you the best team-up in the galaxy!
  • Variant cover by Aaron Harvey!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #7

Ryan Ferrier, Brahm Revel (w) • Adam Gorham, Brahm Revel (a) • Freddie Williams (c)

“Metalhead 2.0” Part 1! Donatello reboots a new and improved Metalhead only to find that the robot no longer functions entirely as designed… for better and worse!

FC • 32 pages • $4.99

Bullet points:

  • This two-part story will have startling consequences!
  • Variant cover by E.J. Su!

Transformers: Lost Light #3

James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a & c)

Orders, kind gestures and pleas for mercy—all things that WHIRL finds it very easy to ignore. Right now, he wishes he could turn a blind eye to the freshly resuscitated monster who—somewhat inconveniently—is determined to beat him to death. Meanwhile—a long way away—one of the Transformers Universe’s longest-running mysteries is about to be solved…

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • Variant cover by Nelson Daniel!
  • Lost Light continues to bring the twists you’ve come to expect!

Transformers: The IDW Collection Phase Two, Vol. 5

Chris Metzen, Flint Dille, John Barber, James Roberts (w) • Livio Ramondelli, Dheeraj Verma, Andrew Griffith, Alex Milne, James Raiz (a) • Marcelo Matere (c)

At the dawn of the conflict, battle lines are drawn and sides are set… now legends will be made in, Primacy. On current Cybertron, Shockwave sets into motion a long-gestating plan but Soundwave, now commander of the Decepticons, confronts him in the ancient Crystal City. On the Lost Light, Rodimus leads his crew to the gates of heaven–or something much worse as larger forces close in and an ancient plan is reaching fruition. Collects Transformers: Primacy, Transformers: Robots in Disguise #19–22, and Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #17–22.

HC • FC • $49.99 • 344 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-844-1

Bullet points:

  • The absolute best way to enjoy the depth of IDW’s TRANSFORMERS line.

Vintage Romance Comic Book Covers Coloring Book

Various (a & c)

Color me in love… vintage style! The beautiful, the fascinating, sometimes amusing romance comic book cover art of the ’50s and ’60s is highlighted in this fun book! Full of Pop Art style kisses, handsome gents, and beautiful misses. Some of the most highly skilled artists of the era drew these romantic and sexy images ready for you to color… with love!

TPB • B&W • $9.99 • 64 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-849-6

Bullet points:

  • Color yourself crazy for this heart-throbbing coloring book from Yoe Books!

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