From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 is appearing around the world now and you may be wondering if you should invest your time in the ongoing adventures of the Gecko brothers, Santanico, Scott and Kate. From the four episodes we’ve seen, the answer is yes, you should be watching. If you haven’t watched the first two series, I’d recommend some binge watching before moving to season 3.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, for El Rey Network and Miramax
Season 1 was faced with the tricky task of stretching the general plot of a film – not even a very long film – into 10 episodes of TV. Criticisms that the TV show wasn’t as exciting as the original movie almost fair but did the TV series some disservice. The first half of the series follows the general movie plot but branches out in the second half. I was always impressed by the balance of pace, urgency and letting a scene play out. Perhaps it was the way the first few episodes didn’t feature that many vampires (Culebras), but season 1 gave the impression of a crime series with a supernatural leaning. Then the vampires turned up and the series started branching into new areas. Season 2 was free to develop a plot of its own, and also featured Danny Trejo being as intimidating as possible as The Regulator and a bigger role for Jake Busey as Aidan Tanner/Sex Machine (and Sex Machine is back in season 3).

Season 3 is shaping up to have a “monster of the week” format mixed in with the ongoing big bad. Signs are good so far, and it should be as good or even better than season 2. Seth Gecko (D.J. Cotrona) and his unpredictable brother Richie (Zane Holtz) are working as “oztomeca”, the collectors of the culebra crime world. To Seth, they’re just bag men collecting money and he’s not happy about it. Their paths soon cross with Santanico Pandemonium (Eiza Gonzalez), now free and running an underground fight club. Sadly it looks like she may not feature heavily this season.

L to R Emily Rios (Ximena Vasconcelos), Jesse Garcia (Freddie Gonzalez)
There are some new characters and some new jobs for the existing characters. Freddie Gonzalez (Jesse Garcia) is the designated “Peacekeeper” between the humans and the calebras. He’s now working with Ximena (Emily Rios), the second in command to Lord Venganza Verdugo (Ana De La Reguera). Lord Venganza Verdugo is one of the most powerful of the seven Culebra Lords and recruits the Geckos into the fight against Amaru, but more of that in a moment. Scott (Brandon Soo Hoo) is now in a Christian rock band, Fanglorious, which is the ideal cover for feeding on humans and he’s set to feature in the later episodes.

L to R David Stanford (Psychiatrist), Madison Davenport (Kate Fuller)
Going back to the big bad, you may remember the sad ending from season 2 where Kate (Madison Davenport) – *spoiler alert* – dies, but you could tell she’d be back in some form. She is, although she only looks like Kate as she is now Amaru, the Queen of Xibalba. Amaru is set on destroying humans, culebras and opening a gateway to hell by using various Xibalban monsters. Davenport plays Amaru with a subtle menace – think Buffy when Fred became Illyria – and I’m impressed. Recommended viewing if you like any combination of vampires, tough criminals, monsters disguised as young women and Mexico.

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