Oni has released previews of its December 13th, 2017 arrivals, including Invader Zim 26 and The Damned 6.


Invader Zim #26

(W/A) Sarah Graley
(C) Sarah Stern
(CA) (Cover A) Sarah Graley (Cover B) Simon Troussellier
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Special one-shot issue written and illustrated by Sarah Graley (Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar, Kim Reaper)! There’s a new kid in skool, and his name is GIR…B? GIRB?! That’s just GIR with an extra B tacked on the end! But somehow the skoolkids are all fooled—except ZIM of course, he’d recognize his lackey… er, slave… er, servant?… anywhere! And also Dib, because he’s the only one who can see through bad human disguises, apparently.

The Damned #6

(W) Cullen Bunn
(A) Brian Hurtt
(B) Bill Crabtree
(CA) Brian Hurtt with Bill Crabtree
Age Rating: Mature Themes
Genre: Crime/Fantasy
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32
Eddie has the unfortunate gift of never staying dead. It has come in handy as Eddie walks a tight line between different Prohibition-era mob families, between the demonic and the human, and between our world and the dark afterlife. Yet after years of playing every side in this world of crime and violence, there are those that are determined that Eddie finally stays dead this time around.

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