Tribute Games has finished its prequel comic for Curses ‘N Chaos and compiled all eight pages for easy reading.

Following the 2014 Metal Slug inspired game, Mercenary Kings, Tribute Games will release Curses ‘N Chaos for PS4, PS Vita and PC via Steam on August 18th, 2015. To build up hype for the company’s… tribute to arcade beat ’em ups, a webcomic starring Allison the Alchemist was released periodically to explain the game’s characters and world.

Visually speaking, the Curses ‘N Chaos webcomic stays true to the game’s nostalgic roots by mimicking its pixelated look. However, it’s far more detailed in character features and reads like a traditional comic.

Curses ‘N Chaos

Official game screenshots and trailer:

Tribute Games isn’t new to the comic book scene, as the developers were also behind the 2010 digital release of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. Unfortunatelydue to licensing issues with publisher Ubisoft, the game is no longer available for purchase. 

Regardless, Curses ‘N Chaos releases tomorrow and it looks like it will continue the developer’s respect to retro games in presentation and fun.

Curses ‘N Chaos

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