Mike Mignola is best known for his Dark Horse creations, a collection of different series sharing the same universe, including Hellboy and B.P.R.D. His latest work, set for release later this month, does not take place in that universe.

Mr. Higgins Come Home opens with a Van Helsing-style vampire hunter, Professor Meinhardt, travelling through the Carpathian mountains with his assistant Mr. Knox. They are planning an attack on an ancient and ruthless vampire, Count Golga, on the night of a vampire revel. The key to their plan is one Mr. Higgins, who claims that he was captured by the count, tortured and transformed. With the agreement that Meinhardt will kill Higgins once Gogla and his guests are vanquished, they set off. Unfortunately for them, Golga seems to be one step ahead of them. Unfortunately for Golga, someone else seems to have their own plan for the evening.

In this tale, Mignola sets up characters very quickly- the arrogant Count, the clever Professor, the disconsolate Mr. Higgins- and carries them consistently through the story. Without much (if any) backstory, except from Higgins himself, these characters’ motivations and relationships are clear and crucial to the plot. For a relatively short story, there are some very well crafted twists and a surprisingly funny ending.

The artwork by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell is amazing. It’s got that faux-naive look, but the details are amazing, especially in the design of the vampires and the decor of Castle Golga. It really ties in the air of classic horror tale with the comedic undertone.

Mr. Higgins Comes Home will go on sale in comic book stores on October 25, and in bookstores on October 31. It’s definitely a great read that will put you right in the Halloween spirit!

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