Issue #1

Issue #1

He slices, he dices, but don’t ask him to cut julienne fries or he may just tell you, “………………” It is your favorite non speaking mystery ninja, Snake Eyes and he is back!

As an elite member of GI Joe, the commando known as “Snake Eyes” is very well known not only within the ranks of the GI Joe team but within Cobra as well. Snake Eyes is an expert at stealth and martial arts and is a valuable asset to the Joes, except Snake Eyes is not working for the Joes. He is now an “Agent of Cobra”!

Snake Eyes - Agent of Cobra

Snake Eyes – Agent of Cobra

The story begins with Snake Eyes breaching an armed transport to release a prisoner being transferred to a prison. The prisoner is a valued member of Cobra and is confused with the situation of Snake Eyes rescuing a Cobra member. He is not the only one wondering what is going on with Snake Eyes’ change in affiliation. GI Joe and Snake Eyes fans are going to wonder the same thing. Has Snake Eyes truly joined Cobra or does he have an ulterior motive by gaining the trust of Cobra to play out a more elaborate plan?

This first issue is not going to reveal that just yet. It does reveal some history on the rescued Cobra member that some of the readers may not have known and  it launches Snake Eyes on a mission that sets up the story to eagerly anticipate the next issue. Snakes Eyes: Agent of Cobra #1 is a must read for GI Joe fans.

On January 21, 2015 you should definitely buy IDW’s GI Joe Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra #1 because it is going to be action packed with great artwork (by Paolo Villanelli) and the storyline (by Mike Costa) is going to be one you definitely do not want to miss out on.

“Now you know. “And knowing is half the battle.”

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