Comic Review: Dead Body Road #1

Posted By on December 11, 2013

From writer Justin Jordan and artist Matteo Scalera and publisher Image Comics comes the brutal revenge story of Dead Body Road. After Gage’s wife is killed, he decides that men responsible for her death must die. All of them.

Dead Body Road #1

Dead Body Road #1

Following a bank robbery gone wrong and the death of his wife, Gage is emotionally distraught and understandably angry. Rather than planning his revenge, he follows the merest of leads with only one intention: killing every single one of the men responsible for his wife’s death. But, it seems Gage isn’t the only one out for blood, as the leader of the robbery is tying up loose ends and a third party is trying to get a slice of the missing forture.

Dead Body Road #1

Dead Body Road #1

Justin Jordan makes this more than a “man’s family dies and he gets revenge” story, and weaves multiple parties and threads together in what is sure to be a bloody, violent, and enjoyable read. Gage isn’t the tactical genius that the Punisher is, but he is distraught and unstable, which is more than enough to make for a pretty good revenge story. While Gage is ostensibly the hero, some of the fates of other characters elicit sympathy or pity from the reader, regardless of their morality, showing just how good Jordan is at painting various shades of gray with his characters.

Dead Body Road #1

Dead Body Road #1

Dead Body Road is dirty, gritty, and full of energy. Luckily, this is exactly what Matteo Scalera’s art is too. Scalera captures the tough, dirty images inherent in a crime comic, while also drawing a killer car chase. His style gives a lot of energy to the comic, even, interestingly, in the still moments of the story.

Dead Body Road joins the list of recent Image #1′s that absolutely must be read by a serious comic fan. Jordan and Scalera come together to make a top notch story, and continue Image’s near-constant of fantastic debuts.




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2 Responses to “Comic Review: Dead Body Road #1”

  1. MaraW MaraW says:

    I was certainly surprised by this issue. Was a little apprehensive about the death of the wife right off the bat (there’s a pretty long history of a woman’s deaths fueling the man’s purpose in life), but it was handled better than I thought. I’ll definitely be checking out the next issue.

    • Leo Johnson Leo Johnson says:

      It’s a pretty standard story formula, but I think Jordan and Scalera work with it in ways that will tell a story that’s a bit different than most.

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