Burning FieldsEx-military investigator Dana Atkinson is persuaded by her former commanding officer, Nelson Kendrick, to leave Chicago and fly to Iraq to discover what’s behind a series of random ritualistic killings The little evidence there is points to the killer being someone from the oilfields, which are under the control of Commander Decker, an old acquaintance who Dana has unfinished business with. If Dana needed any extra incentive, she’s not on the best of terms with the Chicago Police Department and the Russian Mafia so maybe some time out of the country is in her best interests. Meanwhile in Iraq, local detective Aban Fasad is no fan of the US private security companies and wants a proper investigation, not a cover-up. Together, the three begin to investigate the gruesome killings.

Written by Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel and illustrated by Colin Lorimer (the team behind Curse) Burning Fields issue 001: “Enemy of my Enemy” is the first of eight in their new horror/political intrigue/detective/possibly demonic and supernatural investigation series. The early signs are that Burning Fields is going to be a good one.

Visually it looks great. The hazy heat of Iraq and the snowy night streets of Chicago are particularly convincing. There’s enough of a hinted at back story between the characters to give it decent depth, and the main ritualistic murder plot makes you want more. Dana Atkinson’s exact reasons for no longer being in the military and her relationship with Decker are subtly introduced but not fully revealed. She’s damaged but not broken. Aban Fasad is the sort of man who knows he has to pick his battles but doesn’t look happy about it. The light touch with the characters is in stark contrast to the brutal opening scene, which are no doubt a sign of things to come. Burning Fields is one to look out for if you’re after something a bit different, serious and don’t have too many objections to some spectacularly grisly storytelling.

Burning Fields #1 was released 1/21 from BOOM! Studios.


Iraq street scene



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