The Brobots are back for a second volume. If you haven’t had the pleasure, the Brobots are three robot bros who are just out to have a brotastic time, but occasionally run into some problems. This particular volume starts off with the bros going for a picnic, but totally forgetting the picnic basket. It’s totally bro-kay, though, there’s a gingerbread house just a bit further into the woods.

When the gingerbread house turns out to be magically fortified by a witch who has lost too many houses to hungry hikers, the brobots will have to bro-llaborate to defeat a mecha-gingerbread house and a troop of gingabread men, keep the city safe, and still have some time to bro-lax together.

Written by J. Torres, Brobots and the Mecha Malarkey  is really kid-friendly, I might even venture to say fairly-young-reader-friendly, with nice, readable text in semi-large print, and maintaining a consistent level of bro-cabulary with only a few curve balls (phonetic spellings of Japanese pronunciations, for example). Art by Sean Dove is dynamic and the action is easy to follow, with funky, creative designs that build both on Kawaii art styles and traditional Japanese pop culture associated with mechs and monsters.

Unfortunately, some adult readers will not be charmed enough by the goofy, punny fun to bro-verlook the simplicity of the story and characters. Unlike some other children’s media that has begun very episode-of-the-week only to develop more complex plotlines later on, Brobots is not attempting to be anything other than brordinary.

If you’ve got a little bro who’s in need of a good read, Brobots is bro-tally the first thing you should check out.

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