Bombshells United picks up where the previous Bombshells series left off- in the midst of World War II, with various superheroes joining together to fight the Axis powers.

I was interested to see that this particular arc, called “American Soil”, deals with a particularly sensitive and often overlooked part of WWII history: the Japanese internment camps. If you’re unfamiliar and not in the mood for a trip to Wikipedia, this was the order by President Roosevelt that all Japanese immigrants and anyone of Japanese descent be removed from their homes and relocated to camps in California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arkansas.

Writer Marguerite Bennett and Artist Marguerite Sauvage treat this subject with a sensitivity and thoughtfulness that, while not necessarily surprising, is not something that one assumes will be maintained when it comes to the comics industry.

Just like the Bombshells team worked together to help European Jewish refugees find safety in Atlantis, they’re unwilling to allow something similar to happen in the United States itself.

Sauvage’s style occasionally doesn’t lend itself to the level of action one expects for a fight scene, but it is very aesthetically pleasing. The introduction of the erstwhile villain, Clayface, is done in a fairly subtle, clever way, mostly with artistic cues.

If you’re a fan of Bennett and Sauvage’s previous work, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this latest addition to the series. If you’re a new reader planning on jumping in, I’d rate this a 6/10 as a good place to start.

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