Archie Comics Previews for 1/28

| January 27, 2015


Sonic, Betty, and Veronica are in the spotlight at Archie Comics this week with hundreds of pages of each of these characters arriving on Wednesday, in addition to a Mega Man trade and a new Archie Digital. If you’re fans of the kids from Riverdale, your must buy this week is B&V Friends Comics Double […]

Dynamite Entertainment Previews

| January 27, 2015


Dynamite’s highlights this week include painterly cover art by Darwyn Cooke, Rob Liefeld, and Alex Ross, and classic comic strip characters licensed from King Features, Flash Gordon and The Phantom. In addition to their roster of dynamic artists, Dynamite has attracted a lot of top writing talent, and it shows in next week’s comics, with […]

David Tennant to Play Killgrave

| January 26, 2015


In a bit of news that seems to have left everyone simultaneously ecstatic and nauseous, David Tennant (Tied for Most Lovable Doctor with 2, 4, and 11) has been cast as Killgrave, the Purple Man (Hands-down Marvel’s Ickiest Villain.) It’s a weird pairing. Killgrave, The Purple Man, was introduced in one of the very earliest […]

Apes Ride Hogs in The Humans, Image’s Rated Mature Anthropomorphic Biker Thriller

| January 26, 2015


In The Humans, it’s 1970 in Bakersfield, California. Johnny was believed dead, but reappears, haunted by memories of hell on earth. Can he get it together to hang with The Humans, the baddest biker gang, as they ride from turf war to drug party, trailing chains, sex, leather, denim, hair, blood, bananas, and chrome? One […]

Viz Media’s Perfect Square Imprint Releases New Edition of Shotaro Ishinomori’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past This May

| January 26, 2015


Viz Media revealed their plans today to republish Shotaro Ishinomori’s classic manga adaptation of the Super Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Originally serialized in Nintendo Power and then collected into a graphic novel in 1993, it has long been out of print. This May, the story returns under the […]

Wizard World Announces Fan Fest Chicago as Thank You to Wizard World fans; free admission for Wizard World 4 day and VIP holders

| January 26, 2015


Wizard World announced today the addition of Wizard World Comic Con Presents Fan Fest Chicago to its 2015 schedule. Dubbed a “thank you” to loyal fans, it has a special price of $25 for the March 7th-8th weekend, or $15 for either day, but fans who have purchased four day or VIP passes to Wizard […]

Advanced Review: Shaft #3

| January 25, 2015


John Shaft is being questioned for suspicion of murder, but his boss Butch convinces the police that his new P.I. will do their work for them, and John is released. He’s free to go, but he’s not a free man, as he’s still possessed by feelings for the late Arletha Havens. He thinks of her […]

Advanced Review: Vampirella Vol.2 #9

| January 25, 2015


An entitled businessman disembarks an airplane with the petty ambition of getting his flight attendant fired, but develops a Nosferatu-like bloodlust after she spikes his complimentary first class Jack and Coke. Cut to Madame Evilly as she briefs Vampirella on what she has learned from her interrogation of Dr. Faustus, that Medea of Ancient Greece […]

An Interview With Kel Symons, Nate Stockman, and Paul Little of Image’s Reyn

| January 24, 2015


Reyn #1, the first issue of a new fantasy series that is alternately dark and light-hearted, hit the comic shops and digital storefronts on January 21st. The sword and sorcery tale is causing a lot of buzz on social media this week, and here with us today we have writer Kel Symons, penciller Nate Stockmam, […]

Comic Review: Sonic the Hedgehog #268

| January 24, 2015

Sonic the Hedgehog 268

Before Sonic the Hedgehog was pummeling his fellow video game mascots in Super Smash Bros, he was beating up his furry friends in Sonic the Fighters. While it wasn’t exactly the most iconic fighting game, nor was it the best Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off Sega had to offer, it was a fun little diversion for the fandom. So it’s […]

Advanced Review : King: Jungle Jim #1

| January 24, 2015


While an animistic force is moving Arboria’s plant and animal life against Ming’s slavers, Prince Barin recruits his best trackers Thun and Kugor to guide the drunken beauty Lille Devrille in her search for the enigmatic Jungle Jim. Lille’s brother, Daris, was captured by Ming and is to be executed, and she wants the legendary […]

Oddly Normal, New Image Comics Children’s Graphic Novel, Confronts Themes of Bullying in Imaginative Adventure

| January 23, 2015


A girl named Oddly must somehow survive middle school bullying despite her unusual name and attributes: green hair and pointy ears. On top of her alienating distinguishing characteristics, her 10th birthday wish causes her parents to disappear, and her Auntie takes her to Fignation, a world of witches and supernatural beings, to find them. And […]