Bookworms: The Amazing Absorbing Boy (2010) by R. Maharaj

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The Amazing Absorbing Boy is a novel about a young boy, Samuel, who moves from Trinidad to Toronto after the death of his mother. Samuel attempts to assimilate the in-flux people and the confusing customs of Toronto into his own worldview — one that is informed, to a large extent, by the comic books he read in Trinidad.

Bookworms: Tough Sh*t (2012) by Kevin Smith

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‘Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good’

Part self-help, part memoir, ‘Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good’ is essentially a collection of anecdotes that have had some personal wisdom derived from them by Smith himself, in an attempt to put forward his world view and what has shaped it.

Bookworms: One Shot (2006) by Lee Child

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A big, bad, justice seeking SOB. One Shot is just one of a long series of books written by Lee Child featuring Jack Reacher, a former Army MP Investigator who never stays in one place long enough to live a life, but always long enough to make things right. In One Shot, a city is rocked to its core by a heinous sniper shooting. Five people dead. All the evidence is there. Everything points to a man named James Barr, but he says they have the wrong guy. “Get Jack Reacher for me.”

Bookworms: Ship of Magic (1998) by Robin Hobb

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When Althea Vestrit, the daughter of an Old Trader family of Bingtown, is denied her rightful inheritance of the family’s liveship, she will stop at nothing to reclaim what she sees as rightfully hers. This book tells the tales of a wide cast of characters, though its main concern is the Vestrit Family of Bingtown. It brings readers into the Liveship and Farseer universe tinged with mystery and magic unknown.

Bookworms: Birthdays for the Dead (2012) by Stuart MacBride

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Stuart MacBride’s unconvincing crime thriller limps along with an unlikely plot, misplaced humour, shallow characters, and a disappointing ending. A renegade detective tries to find the murderer of his daughter for several years without success. Then one day he decides it might be a good idea to look at the evidence and solves the case in a couple of weeks.

Bookworms: Deck Z: The Titanic – Unsinkable, Undead (2012)

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Set on the RMS Titanic, Theodor Weiss, is carrying the key to the zombie apocalypse, a black like substance called, “The Toxic.” When the Toxic is stolen by a German agent and the virus is released onto the ship’s lower deck, a team of strangers come together to try and stop the disease from spreading. Onion Contributors, Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon, have managed in their novel to not only blend together multiple historical events but also to give a new take on certain zombie conventions.

Bookworms: BADASS (2009) by Ben Thompson

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A who’s who of the baddest mofos to ever walk the Earth. From hand-to-hand combat to military and political strategists, these people were not to be messed with on or off the battlefield. Men who were more dangerous than most predatory animals. Women who were MORE dangerous than THOSE guys. Read it. Learn something. Enjoy it. Repeat.

Bookworms: 11/22/63 (2011) by Stephen King

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11/22/63 is Stephen King’s superbly researched romantic conspiracy epic. Schoolteacher, Jake Epping has the opportunity to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy and change the course of history. It entertains and enthrals but could have gone deeper into the moral issues of that period in history (and using time travel to change the world).

Bookworms: The Night Circus (2011) by Erin Morgenstern

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The Night Circus, Erin Morgensten’s debut novel, is a fantasy tale set in the 19th century. It centers around a magical circus that serves as the stage for a showdown for two rivals where their proteges, Marco and Celia, must compete in a potentially deadly game with vague rules that neither of them understand, but only one can win.