Bookworms: Ready Player One (2012) by Ernest Cline
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Bookworms: Ready Player One (2012) by Ernest Cline

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How do you write a virtual reality adventure set in the relatively far flung future and yet still include references to all your favorite TV, film, and videogame icons of the 70 and 80’s without it feeling forced? In Ready Player One, Ernest Cline resolves this problem by focusing on an online treasure hunt, set by the inventor of this future’s virtual reality, for an unbelievable fortune, and all the clues are based around his obsession with the pop culture of his youth.

Bookworms: Buffy: The Making of a Slayer (2012) by Nancy Holder

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Buffy: The Making of a Slayer

Created by nerd icon and legend Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a television show that transcends genre, medium, and time to connect on a human, visceral level with those that pay attention to what happens beneath the jokes, the gore, and the first season. Buffy: The Making of a Slayer is a beautiful volume that celebrates Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the artistic geniuses who created it.

Bookworms: Infected (2008) by Scott Sigler

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Hold onto your stomach and your brains as the infection is spreading! Infected by Scott Sigler introduces a mysterious virus of unknown origins that spreads, infecting people, bodies, minds and horror readers’ imaginations alike.

Bookworms: Star Wars Death Troopers (2009) by Joe Schreiber

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Death Troopers

Braaaiiiiinnns. Wooookiieee braaaiiinns. Slavering, hungry undead monsters and soulless, Imperial troopers populate the pages of Death Troopers and it is delectable. I love genre mashing, and am an ardent supporter of taking known characters and universes and throwing them into chaos. That is what happens with Death Troopers, to the last howling scream and crunch of bone.

Bookworms: Kushiel’s Dart (2001) by Jacqueline Carey

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kushiels dart

In the European styled fantasy world of Terre d’Ange, witness the beginning of Phèdre nò Delaunay’s journey as she grows into her heart wrenching and adventurous destiny as Kushiel’s Chosen, a courtesan in a world controlled by politics, faith, questionable loyalties, danger, and revolution who fights for her commitment to love and free will.

Bookworms: 2312 (2012) by Kim Stanley Robinson

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2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

‘2312’, by Kim Stanley Robinson, is a novel set in an almost fully colonized solar system, where humanity has spread and developed in many ways. From the author of the acclaimed ‘Mars Trilogy’, this is a book based in plausible science, with an array of technological and cultural concepts that test and explore the boundaries, all wrapped up in a ‘whodunnit’ package.

Bookworms: Cinder (2012) by Marissa Meyer

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Cinder is a cyborg in New Beijing with few memories of her past. Her entire life – her step family and her repair shop – will be turned upside down when she meets the handsome Prince Kai. She quickly learns that not everything in her world is as it seems. Through twists and turns she (and the reader!) cannot imagine, Cinder is forced to choose between protecting herself and saving the world.

Bookworms: Interview with YA Author Steven dos Santos

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YA author Steven dos Santos, YA author, discusses his gripping new dystopian series, The Torch Keeper, in his interview with NerdSpan. He talks how he used his own nightmares to create the story’s setting, and how sexual orientation played into his society.

Bookworms: Warm Bodies (2011) by Isaac Marion

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When conflicted zombie R meets Julie, a human girl, he fights his instincts to eat her and kidnaps her instead. Warm Bodies is a love story unlike any other. Rife with zombie weddings, schools for zombie children where they learn to hunt humans, and an airport where R lives on a 747, it is a story that will have you laughing and crying as you turn the pages. Warm Bodies is like Romeo and Juliet meets Zombieland.

Bookworms: The Culling (2013) by Steven dos Santos

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Every year, the Establishment draws five candidates for the Recruitment, training for the chance to enter into the elite military force known as The Imposers. Recruits are forced through a series of obstacles and tasks to make it through to the next level. If a recruit loses a challenge, then they are faced with a terrible choice.

Bookworms: Wayne of Gotham (2012) by Tracy Hickman

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Wayne of Gotham

Tragically, in most Batman stories, Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne exists only to get gunned down in an alley, giving young Bruce the pain he needs to become the Dark Knight. Batman is fascinating, but what about the broader canvas of his life? Tracy Hickman gives us all that and more in Wayne of Gotham. The present and the past intertwine as Bruce Wayne investigates his oldest closed case: his parent’s murder.

Bookworms: The Lord of the Rings (1954) by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings tells of the epic quest of a very small, yet very good person against a very large, and very evil, opponent. Through war and treachery, the two smallest heroes in the history of Middle Earth triumph where the mightiest of champions had failed.