This week’s comics from BOOM! Studios and its imprints include the third issue of Roger Langridge’s delightful all-ages fantasy, Abigail and the Snowman, the first issue of gang war drama Curb Stomp, the second issue of Munchkin, and a new Adventure Time monthly comic and trade paperback.

Abigail and the Snowman #3 (of 4)

Imprint: KaBOOM!

Author: Roger Langridge
Artist: Roger Langridge

Abigail knows helping Claude find his way home won’t be easy (goodbyes never are), but just as the two best friends set off on their journey, the Shadow Men put their top and most dangerous agent on the job of tracking the missing yeti down.

KaBOOM_AbigailAndTheSnowman_003_A_Main KaBOOM_AbigailAndTheSnowman_003_PRESS-2 KaBOOM_AbigailAndTheSnowman_003_PRESS-3 KaBOOM_AbigailAndTheSnowman_003_PRESS-4-5 KaBOOM_AbigailAndTheSnowman_003_PRESS-6 KaBOOM_AbigailAndTheSnowman_003_PRESS-7

Adventure Time #37

 Imprint: KaBOOM!

Author: Chris Hastings
Artist: Zachary Sterling

When Finn and Jake have a mad hunger for brunch, they discover that they’ve completely forgotten how to cook. Even worse, it looks like everyone in Ooo has forgotten, too! Can Finn and Jake figure out who’s behind this before the candy people go totally bonkers?

KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_A_Main KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_B_Subscription KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_C_Variant KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_PRESS-4 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_PRESS-5 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_PRESS-6 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_PRESS-7 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_PRESS-8 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_037_PRESS-9

Adventure Time Vol. 5 Mathematical Edition HC

Imprint: KaBOOM!

Author: Ryan North
Artists: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb

CHEW ON THIS! Princess Bubblegum only wants what is best for her kingdom…most of the time. After an experiment of hers goes wrong, Ooo falls under attack and this time, Finn and Jake won’t be able to help. Princess Bubblegum must stand up and fight her own creation, with the help of Marceline… and Lemongrab? It shouldn’t be too hard to save the day, right? Don’t miss these brand-new adventures written by acclaimed cartoonist Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) and illustrated by the dynamic art duo, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. This totally mathematical hardcover edition features never-before-seen extras, including an inside look at the making of the Adventure Time comic! Collects Adventure Time issues #20-24.

KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_cover KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-6 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-12 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-13 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-14 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-15 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-16 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-17 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-18 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-19 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-20 KaBOOM_AdventureTime_V5_Mathematical_PRESS-21

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #10

Author: Marc Andreyko
Artists: Emmanuel Xerx Javier, Devmalya Pramanik

As Midian crumbles, the Nightbreed are forced to the surface world once more to face all of mankind’s hate and zealot rage. After betraying his people for the woman he loves, Boone now finds a new fire burning within him. The Chosen One will finally have to make the choice to live up to his title.

BOOM_Nightbreed_010_A_Main BOOM_Nightbreed_010_PRESS-2 BOOM_Nightbreed_010_PRESS-3 BOOM_Nightbreed_010_PRESS-4 BOOM_Nightbreed_010_PRESS-5 BOOM_Nightbreed_010_PRESS-6 BOOM_Nightbreed_010_PRESS-7

Curb Stomp #1 (of 4)

Author: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Devaki Neogi

Punk rock isn’t dead…yet. Turf wars, breaking rules, crushing violence, and Black Flag—these are a few of our favorite things, and we can’t wait for Curb Stomp to straight-up knock our teeth out (in a good way).

Writer Ryan Ferrier (D4VE) is a creator on the rise, and newcomer Devaki Neogi’s art will hook you with its aggressiveness but keep you coming back with its heart. Curb Stomp is an unflinching, visceral look at the lengths one woman will go to protect her friends, her family, and her home—perfect for fans of Rat Queens and the seminal ‘70s cult-favorite film The Warriors.

Three gangs. Five girls. No way out. Machete Betty leads a small gang of women under the self-appointed task of protecting their home of Old Beach, one of three boroughs surrounding a rich metropolitan city. When Betty takes the life of a rival gang member in an act of self-defense, she sets off a chain reaction of retaliation, gang warfare, and unlikely allies. It’s up to the The Fever—Machete Betty, Derby Girl, Bloody Mary, Daisy Chain, and Violet Volt—to defend their turf at all costs.

BOOM_CurbStomp_001_A_Main BOOM_CurbStomp_001_B_10Years BOOM_CurbStomp_001_C_Variant BOOM_CurbStomp_001_PRESS-5 BOOM_CurbStomp_001_PRESS-6 BOOM_CurbStomp_001_PRESS-7 BOOM_CurbStomp_001_PRESS-8 BOOM_CurbStomp_001_PRESS-9 BOOM_CurbStomp_001_PRESS-10 BOOM_CurbStomp_001_PRESS-11

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #4 (of 6)

Author: Michael Moreci
Artist: Dan McDaid

Pope’s past comes to light as his ascension from commanded to commander stirs trouble among the apes. With no sign of Pope’s return, Koba must do away with their kinship for the honor of Caesar. Alexander has been taken. Rita is dying as the simian flu takes more of her every day. The hardest days of Malcolm’s life are upon him and there is nothing he can do that will make things right. Nothing to do but try.


Evil Empire #11

Author: Max Bemis
Artist: Victor Santos

Reese and her carefully amassed crew is finally making a dent in the Evil Empire. With Reese’s resistance appealing to people to stand strong behind their beliefs, it’s a matter of how many people fall on each side of the morality line. What do you stand for?

BOOM_EvilEmpire_011_PRESS-2 BOOM_EvilEmpire_011_PRESS-3 BOOM_EvilEmpire_011_PRESS-4 BOOM_EvilEmpire_011_PRESS-5 BOOM_EvilEmpire_011_PRESS-6 BOOM_EvilEmpire_011_PRESS-7 BOOM_EvilEmpire_011_A_Main

George Pérez’s Sirens #3 (of 6)

 Author: George Pérez

Artist: George Pérez\

As Perdition and his zombie army battle the Sirens, Bombshell and Chan learn the truth about their unique relationship, and Ammo is forced to choose between her vow of pacifism or saving her teammate.

BOOM_Sirens_003_A_Main BOOM_Sirens_003_B_Variant BOOM_Sirens_003_C_PencilVariant BOOM_Sirens_003_PRESS-2 BOOM_Sirens_003_PRESS-3 BOOM_Sirens_003_PRESS-4 BOOM_Sirens_003_PRESS-5 BOOM_Sirens_003_PRESS-6 BOOM_Sirens_003_PRESS-7

Munchkin #2

Imprint: BOOM! Box

Author: Thomas Siddell
Artist: Ian McGinty

Munchkin—the game where you do whatever it takes to win, whether it’s backstabbing your own mum or befriending your worst enemy—is now a comic, and the twists and turns are just as unpredictable as the game. Spyke and Flower are taking on the Wight Brothers’ dungeon in the first part of “Might Makes Wight,” and we take a moment to learn something new in “The Ecology of the Floating Nose” in a backup story written by Jim Zub (Wayward) and drawn by Rian Sygh (BOOM! Box 2014 Mix Tape). All first printings come with an exclusive game card!

BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_A_Main BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_B_Variant BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_PRESS-9 BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_PRESS-11 BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_PRESS-12 BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_PRESS-13 BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_PRESS-27 BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_PRESS-28 BOOMBOX_Munchkin_02_PRESS-29

The Returning TP

Author: Jason Starr
Artist: Andrea Mutti

Award-winning novelist Jason Starr (Wolverine Max, The Chill) and artist Andrea Mutti (Conan, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) deliver a gripping but deeply human drama set in an uncertain world.

It’s the near future, and some people who have had Near-Death Experiences have come back “changed.” They exhibit extreme behavioral changes, becoming increasingly paranoid and violent, and no one knows why. People who have had NDE’s fall immediately under suspicion, and in some cases, are murdered by justice-seeking vigilantes. It is in this world where Beth, a quiet high school student with a bright future, will learn just how quickly friends and family will turn on her when she has the bad luck of surviving the worst night of her life… Collects the complete miniseries, issues #1-4.

BOOM_Returning_TPB_cover BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-7 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-9 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-10 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-11 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-12 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-13 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-14 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-15 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-16 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-17 BOOM_Returning_TPB_PRESS-18

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