As of this writing, Arrow is about to enter its fifth season on The CW. According to many fans, the second season was the best for many reasons. (Of course, that’s a topic for another article.) This is a review for Titan Books’ Arrow: Vengeance, a novelization/extended look at the second season. Authors Oscar Balderrama & Lauren Certo give us another look at not only the main story of Arrow Season 2, but the origins of that season’s villains: Deathstroke, Isabel Rochev, and Sebastian Blood.

Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson) is one of my favorite characters, so I was excited when it was announced that he was the main villain for Arrow Season 2. Manu Bennett’s portrayal of Deathstroke was great and I do agree with his reasons for being upset about the show’s take on Deathstroke. (Again, a topic for another article.) Being able to read more about Slade’s background and what led him to his meeting with Oliver Queen was great. The same goes for Isabel Rochev and Sebastian Blood. Being given this insight helps to understand these characters even more. Honestly, I wish these stories were incorporated into the show. Season 2 could have easily been split and extended into two seasons with these stories. (Plus, the added story development for that season would’ve been great. Again, another article.)

The authors did a great job of pulling me back into Season 2’s storyline. I actually rewatched Arrow Season 2 after finishing  Arrow: Vengeance and enjoyed watching it even more. Titan Books has been doing an excellent job with these DC properties and I look forward to more of their offerings. I definitely recommend this book for any fan of Arrow. Titan Books provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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