Well, hello there strangers. You’re eyes are not deceiving you, Bonus Stage is indeed back for our first edition of 2015! Bonus Stage is your regular round-up of awesome creative stuff produced by the geek community,  now covering not only videogames but comics, movies and TV, anime and manga, science and other things that are awesome. You’re welcome!


This have to easily be the best gender-swapped Link (from the Legend of Zelda series) cosplay pics we’ve ever seen. Featuring Talia Maria [Fashionably Geek]



From Stephen Byrne, the guy who brought you that animated intro to Doctor Who, comes another intro to an animated series you’ll wish was for real- Buffy The Vampire Slayer




Big Hero 6 meets My Neighbour Totoro in this adorable piece by Disney artist Jin Kim.


This nifty 20th anniversary Playstation wallet is now available from Raccoon games.


Solid Snake sneaks into his toughest mission yet, in this hilarious animated short from Mashed.



Fantastic Super Smash Bros inspired comic by the uber-talented Zac Gorman.


Forthcoming game Dying Light combines zombies and parkour. This great official promo brings it into live-action with style. Run!



Absolutely gorgeous Adventure Time art from Mariyei.



 8 Bit Cinema takes on Geek favourite Guardians Of The Galaxy.

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