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A cheeky (no pun intended) spin is put on Big Hero 6 in this entertaining comic from Make It Stoopid. Check out the animated version here



We all know Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow knows nothing. This ace animated series from Hinge Digital has a lot of fun with this particular concept. It’s “guaranteed to blow your face clean off… with explosions” apparently.

This impressive Nathan Drake (from Uncharted) cosplay was snapped at this year’s Wondercon: [Via Kotaku].


Super talented animator Otaking made this phenomenal 80s-anime-style Star Wars fan film “over 4 years worth of weekends”. Focussing on the Empire (who were always much cooler anyway) all his hard work really paid off.

Some of the best cosplay comes from some incredibly inventive mash-ups. This Frozen/ Star Wars cross-over is a case in point. Out of this world!


PS4 Gamers are going mad for Bloodborne right now. It also inspired this stunning piece by Phamoz.


Check out some of the world’s greatest cosplayers in this music video from the recent Wondercon 2015! Made by Rob Cruz

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