Welcome once more to the wonderful world of Bonus Stage! Bonus Stage is your regular round-up of awesome creative stuff produced by the geek community,  now covering not only videogames but comics, movies and TV, anime and manga, science and other things that are awesome. It’s Super Effective!


Check out this stylish Mario Kart inspired T-shirt design available from Teepublic.


Marvel’s Agent Carter faces her toughest mission yet, in this funny cartoon from OnlyLeigh.

[youtube] Darth Vader has been given a Medieval makeover in this awesome design from Prince Armory. [Geeks Are Sexy]


Brilliant Game Of Thrones, Star Wars and Guardians Of the Galaxy Cross-over fanart from Nedesem in ‘Best Conversation Ever! [Memecenter]


Crazily good Pokemon Red fanart from Elekitelik.



The ever-funny How It should have Ended crew take on How To Train Your Dragon 2



Final Fantasy’s Lightning remains a firm favourite with cosplayers. Cyberlight shows off her Lightning costume in this piece called “Warrior Goddess“.

warrior_goddess_by_cyberlight-d5g5eq4 i_control_my_fate__by_cyberlight-d5k93j7


This Cosplay music Video features some of the most talented cosplayers from the recent MAGFEST.  We’ve seen slicker produced videos, but as a showcase for the cosplayer’s work it more than does the job!



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