Back in 2012, Bonus Stage was born on Rant Gaming. Our mission- to share the wonders created by the videogame fan community. Cosplay, fanart, videos, music you name it. When Rant was shut down by The Man, the lovely folk here at NerdSpan welcomed us with open arms. We settled into our new home and have been continuing our work ever since. But at NerdSpan we know you’re not only into videogames. We know there’s a good chance you love comics, movies and TV, anime and manga, science and other things that are awesome. And fans of those things are every bit as creative as gamers. So from now on we’ll continue to bring you the same kind of stuff we always have, but it will be from all over the wider geek world, not just gaming. So welcome back to the new look Bonus Stage. We hope you’ll like it!

This Metal Gear Rex cosplay is one of the most elaborate we’ve ever seen! just look at how tough it is just to put it together!



The ace new Batgirl design is already inspiring some talented cosplayers! [Fashionably Geek]


MonseiurCaron made this great animated Ghostbusters tribute in Lego! Complete with some fun cameos.  [BrickFun] [youtube]

Incredibly talented artist Leann Hill has created a stunning set of illustrations of the women of Game Of Thrones. Check out her site for more fantastic art!



ADHD has uncovered Super Mario World’s unknown secret lyrics. Poor Yoshi!


Super creepy The Last of Us Clicker Cosplay. [Geek x Girls]


What if Micheal Bay directed Pixar’s Up? Now with 100% more explosions, lensflare and Linkin Park.



Diablo 3 Group cosplay.


The one and only Screen Team pay tribute to Guardians Of The Galaxy, in their own singular style!



Bonus Stage will return!


More Bonus Stage.

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