Traditionally the summer months are a dead-zone for videogames. While the publishers insist on releasing the vast majority of their biggest games in the last few months of the year, other parts of the year are relativity barren. Not so for last week though, when we saw two eagerly anticipated releases in Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8. Both of which have inspired the great gamer creative culture to produce some excellent stuff featured in this week’s edition of Bonus Stage.

Bonus Stage is your regular guide to what’s new in the world of videogame fandom, including cosplay, fanart, fan films and more!   If you’ve created or found something you’d like to see featured in Bonus Stage drop me a line via twitter: @misterchristor, and maybe it will feature in a future instalment.

This God Of War (female version) ‘Katrina’ cosplay is just gob-smacking. There’s more than a touch of 300 to it, don’t you think? [Geek x Girls]


Geeky U has a nifty range of Zelda- inspired gear for sale.


zeldabp zeldahoody triforcetop

You know how much we love Mario Kart Love Song, right? Talented Youtube songstress Lunity offers up this League Of Legends themed parody/tribute!

Duelling Analogs has a bone to pick with Microsoft….



Lovely Mario Kart 8 fan-art from Benja.


Watch Dogs parkour in real life. Impressive stuff!

Top class Street Fighter Cosplay featuring Crimson Viper and Cammy… FIGHT!


Anyone who has played the more recent incarnations of Mario Kart knows of the pain inflicted by the Blue Shell. To mark the release of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo UK got local Youtube stars The (two man) Brett Domino Trio to record this musical tribute. We feel your pain…

Do you have a gaming collection you’re particularly proud of? We’re looking to feature some of the greatest in future instalments! Send pics our way by tweeting at @misterchristor.

Hungry for more? Check out our archive with loads more Bonus Stage! See you next time gamers!

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