Back in 2012, Bonus Stage was born on Rant Gaming. Our mission- to share the wonders created by the videogame fan community. Cosplay, fanart, videos, music you name it. When Rant was shut down by The Man, the lovely folk here at NerdSpan welcomed us with open arms. We settled into our new home and have been continuing our work ever since. But at NerdSpan we know you’re not only into videogames. We know there’s a good chance you love comics, movies and TV, anime and manga, science and other things that are awesome. And fans of those things are every bit as creative as gamers. So from now on we’ll continue to bring you the same kind of stuff we always have, but it will be from all over the wider geek world, not just gaming. So welcome back to the new look Bonus Stage. We hope you’ll like it!

Sonic The Hedgehog and Tails as you’ve never seen them before!  From  Opposite Cosplay




Since we brought you the last edition of Bonus Stage, a little event called San Diego Comic Con 2014 took place. Maybe you’ve heard of it. The guys at Sneaky Zebra caught some of the best Cosplay from the event on camera in this wicked music video.



This awesome Doctor Who tribute was spotted in a London Underground Station. Via Trixie.


This year has seen a major revival for the much-loved anime classic Sailor Moon, including some awesome fan-art and cosplay. You’ll find little more awesome than this Cyberpunk Sailor-Moon though, created by W Scott Forbes.


The Evolution of Videogames in one 16-minute Acapella video!


Last week saw Cosplay Superstar Jessica Nigri’s birthday.  Which is precisely all the excuse we need to remind you of our favourite of her costumes- Lady StarFox!


ThinkGeek are selling this retro-tastic Game Boy inspired backpack  (PowerGlove not included).


Artist Patrick Brown is well-known for his fantastic Grand Theft Auto fan-art. He’s now turned his considerable talents to your new favourite movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy.


Watch the whole of The Last Of Us: One Night Live.

8-Bit Cinema takes on The Avengers!



Gorgeous League Of Legends fanart by Lovinne.



See you, Space Cowboys! (And  Space Cowgirls! And Space Cowpeople!)

More Bonus Stage.



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