Welcome once again to another edition of Bonus Stage! Bonus Stage is your regular dose of gaming goodness, where we bring you the finest game inspired art, videos , cosplay, music and more!  If you’ve created or found something you’d like to see featured in Bonus Stage drop me a line via twitter: @misterchristor, or drop a comment down below and maybe it will feature in a future installment.

In this installment: Donkey Kong, Lollipop Chainsaw, Alice Madness Returns and more!

Did You Know Nintendo nearly made a Knitting add-on for the NES? And you thought the Power Glove was pushing it!


Jawdropping Alice :Madness Returns  cosplay from the lovely Ryltha von Felis.


Remember the Fantastic Mario Kart Love Song by the Uber-talented Sam Hart? Strangely enough it got a pretty high-profile cover this week from Jimmy Fallon and um.. Selena Gomez. To be honest, it’s not up to much and is not a patch on the original, but it’s worth taking a look at- for novelty value- all the same!


For the ladies (and maybe certain um.. adventurous gentlemen), check out these Mario Bros “Chomp” earrings.



Coolest Dad of the week award has to go to this guy. When his three-year-old daughter asked if she could play as the princess in Donkey Kong and rescue Mario he created this hack to make her dreams come true! Awww!



Kick-ass Final Fantasy Fan Art from Hue Vang



Rather gorgeous Lolipop Chainsaw cosplay from Alexa Krii. [Geek X Girls]


Fresh from Last weekend’s Birmingham MCM Comic Con 2013 this video showcases some of the UK’s finest cosplayers. Check it out. From Kim Nguyen .




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