After a longer than planned post-summer hiatus Bonus Stage is back to get you through those cold winter months. Unless you live in Australia, I guess… Bonus Stage is your regular round-up of awesome creative stuff produced by the geek community,  now covering not only videogames but comics, movies and TV, anime and manga, science and other things that are awesome. Lets get it on like Donkey Kong!

Cosplayer Sandra Disney put together this inspired Steampunk take on Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell. Do you believe in steampunk fairies? [FG]


Frozen meets Breaking Bad in this hilarious and brilliantly animated parody. But beware if you haven’t seen the whole series: spoilers ahead.



Good News Everyone! This incredibly realistic Professor Farnsworth from Futurama cosplay is all kinds of unsettling…  [kotaku]


The always excellent Lindsey Stirling is back once again to mark the hotly-anticipated release of Dragon Age Inquisition. We didn’t see it coming, but then nobody expects Dragon Age Inquisition (I’m really very sorry).



Funny review from an Aussie Game Store employee- see a load more here.


How Guardians Of the Galaxy Should Have Ended…



Amazing Black Canary Cosplay from Ryuu Lavitz.


Dorkly reviews Assassin’s Creed Unity… in comic form!


Who would win in a fight between Video Game Heroes and Super Heroes? Only one way to find out! FIGHT!


Lena-Lara is another excellent Tomb Raider cosplayer. See Geek X Girls for more pics from the shoot.


Sneaky Zebra have got the art of the Cosplay music video down to a fine art at this point. Check out their latest effort from October’s MCM ComicCon in London!



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