Bonus8Welcome once again to yet another edition of Bonus Stage! Bonus Stage is your regular dose of gaming goodness, where we bring you the finest game inspired art, videos , cosplay, music and more!  If you’ve created or found something you’d like to see featured in Bonus Stage drop me a line via twitter: @misterchristor, or drop a comment down below and maybe it will feature in a future installment.


Take a look at the gloriously cool StarFox fan art from a Japanese artist named Inubuki.



Perfect Cosplay featuring Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth from Cosplay Blog.


Last week, we featured the super-cool Dad who made a gender-swapped version of Donkey Kong for his daughter. This week we bring you this. Inspired by that display of awesome, Kenna W made Zelda: starring Zelda!


Lisa Lou on Etsy has made these handmade Pokemon Hoodies. Pricey but pretty damn cool! [Fashionably Geek]pokehoody

Check out these fantastic Super Mario/Nintendo Easter Eggs! [Laughing Squid]


Poke-tastic Cosplay: Pokemon Black and White’s Hilda.

Pokemon b+w

From the archive comes one of our favourite videos. Featuring Youtube’s superstar violinist Lindsey Stirling and the unbelievably talented Peter Hollens on vocals, in this amazing rendition of the theme from Skyrim!


More Bonus Stage.

Looking for more arty goodness? Check out Artist’s Alley .


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