Welcome once more to your friendly neighbourhood Bonus Stage! Bonus Stage is your regular round-up of awesome creative stuff produced by the geek community,  now covering not only videogames but comics, movies and TV, anime and manga, science and other things that are awesome.


This Super-cute Groot Shirt is available from Tee-Public now.



Another brilliant work from Leigh Lahav in a valentines themed animation featuring a lot of everyone’s favourite geeky characters.



Adventure Time meets Pokemon in this genius cross-over art from fan artist Shorelle.


Star Lord meets Han Solo and Firefly’s Mal in this brilliant short.. made entirely in Lego. Everything is awesome!



Check out Cosplayer Inwe Elensar as Peter Parker’s squeeze Mary Jane Watson. Go get ’em Tiger! See more of the shoot here.



Kill9 are working on a fan series featuring a Dalek named Gary in a parody of The Office. Check out the funny trailer below!



Bad-ass Metroid/Samus Aran fan art from SplashBrush!


It’s been a little while since we featured Screen Team here on Bonus Stage. But with Zelda back in the news following the rumour a live-action TV version is on it’s way, here’s Screen Team’s take on the franchise in Hyrule Warriors!




That’s all for this time- Time for us to make like a tree and get out of here.. Seen or produced something that should star in a future instalment? Send me a Tweet at @misterchristor !

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