At one point in time, wartime comic books were a big deal. One such book was Marvel’s The Invaders.

Captain America, Namor and the original Human Torch comprised the core of the team, with sidekicks Bucky and Toro along for the ride in this series set during the Second World War. In issue 31, readers are taken back to a previously untold story in the team’s history. Spitfire, one of Britain’s top heroes and eventual teammate of the Invaders, stumbles upon a hat box with a large Nazi officer’s hat inside. The discovery prompts Cap to tell Spitfire about the time he, Namor and Torch ran afoul of Frankenstein’s Monster.

Yes, Frankenstein’s Monster. The famed tragic gothic figure takes centre stage in the book, but instead of terrorizing villagers, he’s attacking our costumed heroes on behalf of the Germans. Dr. Basil Frankenstein, a descendant of the mad scientist of lore, longed to construct an army of soldiers that couldn’t be killed and could be repaired on the battlefield. Frankenstein captures both Captain America and the Torch, as he has big plans for the pair.

Don Glut and Chic Stone, the guest writer and artist of this issue, weaved an entertaining tale of power and humanity that’s well worth a read.

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