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Deborah J. Brannon (codename: Geek Dame) spends her days in Atlanta fighting crime with her husband, with nights and weekends dedicated to scribbling furiously and watching more television than is strictly healthy. Her articles and reviews have appeared in Faerie Magazine and Cabinet des Fées, while her original work can be found in Human Tales (editor: Jennifer Brozek), Scheherezade's Bequest, and more. You can find more articles, reviews, and unabashed excitement on all things geek (flavor: SFF) at Follow her on Twitter as @geekdame.
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Movie Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

Blu-ray packaging for Ghostbuster (2016) Extended Edition

Ghostbusters. It’s not a title you’d expect controversy over, at least not among the living. Yet Paul Feig made an update of the 1984 classic with an all-women team …
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Neil Gaiman’s “Troll Bridge,” Illustrated by Colleen Doran


I read “Troll Bridge” for the first time when I was 13, in the very first issue of Realms of Fantasy magazine. (“Troll Bridge” was, of course, first published in …
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Wine: The Card Game of Poison & Wit Kickstarter Running Now




Poppy Games is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their …
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Soundtrack Review: Stranger Things (2016) by Dixon and Stein


Stranger Things dropped on Netflix two months ago, and ensnared our collective consciousness. It’s an 80’s homage without being derivative, paying respects to the giants of horror and sci-fi of …
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Make America Groovy Again – Vote Ash Williams for President
7 months ago

Make America Groovy Again – Vote Ash Williams for President

Ash Williams for President

Exhausted by this divisive political season? Dissatisfied with the limited choices for President – because this is America and we’re accustomed to choices galore? Ready for a president who can …
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New Superhero Lands at Wizard World Comic Con to Fight IBD


Superheroes have inspired fans’ imaginations for decades, transforming our culture and Halloweens and Hollywood’s concept of the box office smash. They’ve challenged our beliefs, allowing us to become better people, …
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5 TV Shows You Should Absolutely Check Out This Fall
3 years ago

5 TV Shows You Should Absolutely Check Out This Fall

Fall TV is coming quickly, which is a real problem for my DVR because I’m still catching up on last season’s Arrow, Supernatural, and this summer’s Falling Skies. What can …
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Game of Thrones 3.5: Kissed by Censored


“Kissed by Fire.” Is it a fanciful description of a hair color? A more literal description of a certain fight to the death? Or merely the title of the …
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Game of Thrones 3.4: And Now You Just Got Burninated


Here’s everything you need to know about “And Now His Watch is Ended,” the fourth episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones third season: it features shocking betrayals, …
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Game of Thrones 3.3: In Which Things Get Really Out of Hand

By  •  TV

In the time-honored Game of Thrones tradition, “Walk of Punishment” pulls no punches or stops short any bloody great knife-swings. Dive into the recap to discover the finer points …
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Game of Thrones 3.2: The Stark and Lannister Show


“Dark Wings, Dark Words,” the second episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones‘ third season has come and gone, leaving all of our characters in much darker places …
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Being Human 3.13: Ruh Roh She Wrote


In the fine tradition of Syfy’s Being Human finales, everything has gone to hell (possibly literally, in one case!) for our trio in the Monster House. Tread carefully, for here …
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