The Archie Comics news blog released this three page preview of Adam Hughes’ Betty & Veronica #1 yesterday.  What the unlettered pages don’t show you is any of Adam Hughes’ script, which he says is influenced by Parks & Recreation, Back to the Future, and Jaws, a very eclectic collection of influences indeed.

“BETTY & VERONICA is about the aspects of their lives that don’t revolve around waffle-head. They’re complex characters on their own, and they don’t need the boys around to be defined,” says writer/artist Adam Hughes.

“It’s a funny little comic, and you don’t need to get 19 other comics to get the story. It’ll make you laugh, and the heroes are two young girls. Riverdale is a real place, an American place, as real as we need it to be, and it’s not over the rainbow. It’s just past the hill, up around the bend. It’s a fun place to visit.”


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