A man comes home, forever changed by Guantanamo Bay.  An actress gets the offer that can save her career.  Unscathed by a riot, a boy becomes a revolutionary.  An unknown being dismantles a philosopher’s beliefs.  Material is everywhere.

“Making Material keeps me sane,” confessed writer Ales Kot. “It’s a story that begins in America and spreads everywhere. It defies easy categorization. Our chief aim is to be truthful about LIFE as it is NOW through a vast VARIETY of explored HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Material also marks the return of 9-panel grid as a standard tool in a comic series. Expect backmatter files by excellent artists, writers, journalists and other beings. Expect new readers coming to comic book stores asking for it. Ideally, Material will be our ‘Cerebus‘—in that we intend to keep this one going for a long, long time.”  Kot is joined by artist Will Tempest, designer Tom Muller and letterer Clayton Cowles for this provocative, suspenseful, new series that explores humanity’s ephemerality.

You can preorder Material #1 now with Diamond Code MAR150477 and it arrives in comics shops on May 27th.


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