The second issue of Octal, the periodical of comic book pitches and pilots, has arrived on Drive Thru Comics, and will soon be avaulable on comiXology.

Of additional importance to aspiring comic creators, issue three is still open for submitssions but slots will soon be full.  Quoting Octal’s press release, “submission editors from over two dozen comic publishers have subscribed to receive the catalog and review its featured proposals– including a few which do not currently accept direct submissions,” which means that this is a good way to get eyes on your work.  Two of the features in the first issue already have publishing contracts, and more are still in discussion with publishers.

Official release:


Octal is a curated catalog of comic pitch packets. Built around 8-page pilots, its volumes read like a comic anthology with bonus features– all while providing first looks at potential books and series.

Comparing the submission guidelines from over a hundred comic publishers, the Octal packet strikes a balance with components that will satisfy most simultaneously. Easy to follow templates guide creators to a presentation which is clear, concise, and most-importantly, editor-friendly.

Since the launch of Volume 1, submission editors from over two dozen comic publishers have subscribed to receive the catalog and review its featured proposals– including a few which do not currently accept direct submissions. All 8 packets featured in volume 1 received feedback from editors, half have gone on to discuss their proposed comics further, and 2 packets have already locked down series contracts: Necromancer Bill with Darby Pop ( ) and Sane6 with Rat&Crow ( ).

Now, Octal is back with 8 more great stories!

  • Dixie Ann Archer-McBain and Everard J. McBain Jr. present CELFLUX, an afro-centric sci-fi adventure where a priestess must unite a group of reluctant heroes in order to save their planet.
  • After 20 years out of print, FantaCo’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is being pitched as an omnibus which will include the official adaptation of the cult classic, Clive Barker and Steve Nile’s ‘Night of the Living Dead: London’, and much more.
  • Ron Batchelor and Rem Fields’ DISUNITY is a genre-bending action, mystery set in a collapsing multiverse.
  • ULFBERHT by Irene Berbee and Wim Wijdenes invites us to join a motley crew of vikings as they quest to find and destroy a legendary sword.
  • Bill Williams’ CHARMER ( illustrated by Ricardo Silva ) is a supernatural thriller which pits a young sorceress against the cult who raised her.
  • Emir Pasanov and Milenko Bogdanovic take us on a journey of human-robot relations in their neo-noir story, TRAVELERS.
  • POSSESSION, by Michael Norwitz and Mary Ann Vaipel with art by Julian Taveras, throws back to indie comics of the late 80’s with a distinctive blend of romance, action, and horror.
  • William Henry Dvorak, Krzysztof Budziejewski, and Christy Bontrager blend horror and western tropes in ‘THE SEEKERS‘, a story of a priest and young girl tasked with cleansing the frontier of its demons.

Make your voices heard for the series you want to see and help those creators prove their audience.

Octal Volume 1 is available on DriveThru ( and Comixology (

Octal Volume 2 is now available on DriveThru ( and coming soon to Comixology.

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Octal Volume 3 is already underway and slots are filling fast. For terms, templates, and guidelines, head over to .

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